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Wisdom From An Unexpected Journey

Last night in our Men’s Bible study my Brother in Christ, Johnny shared a story. That day he found himself walking 13 miles in the dead heat of July in Las Vegas… 100 Plus Degrees… trying to get to a very important appointment. Johnny is a retired professional boxer who has pain from past injuries […]

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What Is Your Secret Identity?

When I ask a fellow Christian, what is your Secret Identity? I don’t mean to ask them about their superhero alter ego… although now that I think about it, there are some similarities. No, what I am referring to is their True Identity in Jesus Christ. You see most Christians have no idea what I […]

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Living a Secret Life of Sin?

Have you ever known someone who was living a life of secret sin? Maybe someone you read about in a news story, maybe it was someone in your life, like a church or work friend, maybe it was someone very close to you like a spouse or child…¬†or maybe even closer yet, maybe it was […]

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Love Yourself As God Loves You

Have you ever done something in your past that you deeply regret? Have you ever hurt loved ones or friends with your actions? Do you carry around deep wounds from your past and the heavy burden of guilt? I know I have. This has been the most difficult hurdle in my walk with God. Intellectually […]

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How Harmful Is Pornography?

We have all heard about the destructive power of drug addictions and even food addictions and obesity, but rarely do we hear or talk about the largest addiction problem the world faces: Pornography. The destructive force of pornography is something that seems to be a taboo subject in our culture. We can look at statistics […]

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