Some Inspiring Photos of God’s Creation

Here are some incredible images from God’s creation, captured by NASA’s best technology of the Universe around us. Just wanted to share God’s Glory this Sunday evening… What an AMAZING GOD! Amen ~ Genesis 1:1 In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Romans 1:20 For […]

Imaginary Tales of Evolution

Recently I read a post from fellow Christian Blogger The Heartseeker’s Blog and wanted to share with you here today. The title of his article is From Ape to Man… and Beyond and if you enjoy this article it is my hope you pay his blog a visit. […]

Can An Atheist Be Moral?

This is an article written by fellow Christian Blogger Haden Clark, on his blog Help Me Believe: Strengthen the Believer, Answer the Critic. I found the article well written and he articulates a point very well from the Objective Morality Argument. With his permission it is re-posted here, […]

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