New* Journal of Demonic Encounters

Recent events in my life have led me to add a special area to my blog: Demonic Encounters. In this journal I will record detailed and real encounters I have with the spiritual realm, most notably Demonic Possession, Oppression and Influence.

To give you a little background, this really all started back on March 26, 2017 the day I Baptized my friend Justin…

This was a great day for me, as it was my first time baptizing someone, and it felt amazing to see my friend dedicate himself to Jesus Christ publicly. What happened afterwards I will never forget. My good friend and mentor Rajesh Chadalavada was there celebrating this occasion and approached me privately afterwards. He was led by the Spirit of God to give me some very important information. Now that I had stepped up from small group leader to Baptisms the enemy would increase their assault on my life. He told me to be on my knees daily and prepare for what is coming for me. As comforting as this all sounds, the last thing he said with a big smile, is don’t worry brother our God is bigger than all of those demons.

brothers in christ

My Mentor and Brother Rajesh Chadalavada and Myself

Rajesh was born and raised in India, a place where millions of gods (false idols) are worshipped. He has witnessed demon possession first hand on many occasions. Here in America Satan has done a great job of convincing people that God does not exist… and even people that claim to know God often deny the existence of Satan and his demons. If you ask most people they will say that demon possession is something you see in movies, or some might say that all happened back in Jesus’ day… but not today.

They are wrong.

Demon possession is very real and very much prevalent in our world, yes even in America. In the less than two weeks since Justin’s Baptism I have encountered two demon possessed. In both cases, the demon fled at the name of Jesus Christ. You can read the detailed accounts by visiting the Journal Here, or click the Demonic Encounters link at the top of the page.

Stay Strong and Stand Tall


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