Do Christians Need Church?

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Many Christians today feel fed-up with Church, it might be the music choices, the dress code, the people or maybe they don’t feel the need for it in their lives. Some have been burned by other churchgoers, some have seen their local church divided over a moral failure of church leadership or infighting among its members. Some people think everyone is just fake and putting on a Sunday show, others grow weary of the constant needs of the church, either financially or otherwise. If this is you, if you are just completely at your wits end with church and see no real need to ever go back… please keep reading.

It is my desire to convince you of the necessity of the local church without quoting ONE SCRIPTURE. You might think that is weird, I mean hey, isn’t this a Christian blog? Yes it is. But here is the thing, I don’t believe I need to convince any Christian of what the Bible says about attending church. Most people would readily agree it’s what the Bible teaches. So in this article, I want to give you some other reasons that I believe you should consider.

Reason #1 Church is full of Sinners

Let’s face it, we all go to church BECAUSE we are broken and in desperate need of a savior… it is a regular meeting place of self-proclaimed sinners and a magnet for those who feel hopeless and lost. If we are expecting to meet people here who are perfect or even great on most days, we’re in the wrong place. Where do people come from, who lie, cheat, steal, gossip, spread rumors, have affairs and all other manner of debauchery? The answer… from all over. From all places, backgrounds, ethnic groups and yes… religions. Sure the people in a Christian church should strive to be better than that, we all should strive to be more and more like Jesus. That’s the whole point.

But do you know how many days I reflect Jesus Christ every waking moment? In 46 years, I haven’t had one yet. Does that mean I don’t strive every day? No. Every day is a battle my friend and when I go to any church, and I look around… I see all kinds of people engaged in battle. When we start to see others in church as people just like us, going through life, one battle at a time… we start to develop something that can be very helpful in our daily walk with Christ…. GRACE.

Reason # 2 Church needs us

Just as much as we need church for spiritual growth and fellowship, the church needs the local body of Christ to be actively building the Kingdom. We should always stay eternally minded and understand that there are people all around us wherever we are, that don’t know Jesus Christ. And until they are reached with the Gospel, they are facing an eternity of separation from God. Jesus loves each and every one of those people as much as He loves us, and we are here for one purpose… to bring the Good News to them. That is why God built His church, to reach the lost… and there is much work to be done.

Reason #3 We need fellowship

It doesn’t matter if you are extroverted or introverted, we all need fellowship with other Christian believers. Why? Because if you are not in fellowship there, you are somewhere else, and that other place has to be the world. See there are only two places to be… with God or with the world. There is no third option. It is more than likely that if a Christian fellowships with the world, he will be pulled away from God and back to his old lifestyle. We should learn to love what God loves and hate what God hates, the things of the world should be avoided and we should set our minds on spiritual things. God honoring things. Christian fellowship is just that, a gathering of men and women that gives glory to God while supporting and lifting each other up in times of need. It is living life together, through the great times and the tragedies… and it will benefit us all.

Reason #4 God tells us to go

Ok I’m actually cheating here a little bit, I am not actually going to quote scripture… BUT God does expect obedience from His children and He blesses obedience abundantly. The problem today is many Christians don’t even read their Bible, and the only teaching they get is from other people… which is ok if you have the right teacher! So where does the average Christian get the idea that God’s instructions are optional? Is tithing optional? To most Christians they would say yes. Is serving the poor, the widows and the children…is that optional? Yes again. Is praying optional? Of course!!!!

Or is it? Maybe none of those things are truly optional, maybe we just desire to disobey God. Maybe we don’t trust God at all, and think we can do life better. Maybe the Bible isn’t true at all? Maybe only parts of it are, the parts that fit comfortably into our current schedules and lives?

This may seem like I just tumbled down a rabbit trail here, but once you sift through my sarcasm you might realize what I am saying is this: Maybe we should stop acting like going to church is optional. Maybe we should try to act like it matters what the God of the universe has revealed to us as truth… and maybe, just maybe we should listen.

See you next Sunday.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall



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