There is an 8 year old girl who needs your prayer. Her name is Kayla and she is fighting for her life right this very moment. Would you raise up Kayla in prayer right now in the name of Jesus Christ? She needs healing and comfort along with her family. If you are able to share this in any way, please do. The more prayer the better.

Thank you Brother and Sisters


UPDATE: PRAISE REPORT –  I just got the news that Kayla has been released from the hospital and is now back home. There is a problem with her heart. She is on oral meds that regulate her heart and they are going to continue running tests. If the meds stop working she may need to go in for heart surgery. Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Father GOD in Heaven, THANK YOU for bringing little Kayla home to her parents… Thank you for being a God of healing and comfort, thank you for hearing the prayers that were sent in Kayla’s name. All Glory goes to you Father in the name of Jesus Christ our King of Kings.



Published by

Stand Tall For Christ (Keith Mosher)

Keith Mosher was lost in the world for most of his life, not sure if God existed or who he was. At the age of 35 that all changed when Jesus Christ made himself known in a way Keith could not deny. Now Keith is a Christian writer and Apologist who spends his time defending the faith, encouraging other Christian believers and serving in his local church.

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