Seeking the Presence of God

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Three times in one day different Pastors spoke on the topic of living in the presence of God. This was a just few days ago. Today in church, again, the message was the same… this time from a guest speaker from Canada who is visiting our church. It is clear that God has a very special message to send my way, the question really then becomes… am I ready to receive it?

For many years as a Christian I really struggled with connecting with God. There were all these people around me that would say things like, I just prayed to God, and know what I have to do. Except for me, those answers never came, at least not in a way I recognized. In a previous article I shared a story about this very question and how my first Pastor Mark Neal helped me find the answer.

But even as I thought I understood the answer, and the solution, still that closeness, or connection with God was fleeting. I went from not hearing God at all, to having ups and downs in my spiritual strength… one day high on Christ the very next in deep depression. There was even a time not long ago… I remember it vividly, it was a Saturday and it was a full day of revival in my life… I mean the spirit of God moved me ALL DAY! From the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep…. Spiritual VICTORY! It felt amazing. Then the very next day, I found myself walking from room to room, hiding and crying, with random suicidal thoughts… the whole day was dark, and dreary… I felt so alone and apart from God.

I recovered from that depression the next day, when I realized I was under a heavy spiritual attack of the enemy and rebuked those demons in the name of Jesus Christ. Those suicidal thoughts have never returned, because I have chosen to never let the enemy take me down that path ever again. As a Christian writer, I wanted to find more answers… what is it about my Christian walk that was creating this tide of spiritual strength followed by utter weakness? Why did one day feel so good and another like the worst day ever? This must not be the way God intended.

Then God began to speak, and this time in a way I heard loud and clear, through these various Pastors speaking the same message over and over. I needed to seek daily the PRESENCE OF GOD. But how? I pray multiple times a day, I read my Bible most days, I try to keep my thought life pure, and when I sin against God I am quick to repent. What am I missing?!

The answer came today… flooding over me as I stood in service… Be Quiet.

Whenever we close our eyes in prayer at church, I always begin sending my prayers up, talking and talking or letting the Pastor lead the prayer. But never have I just sat there quietly seeking his voice. The same is true of my prayer time at home.

So today begins a new day on this journey with Christ, where I plan to find time daily to sit in quite meditation and be alone with the God of the universe. Time where I will keep my mouth shut and just listen… sitting in His presence.

Is there any other place I would rather be? I can’t imagine one.

On this website I often like to share stories, insights, and information I have gathered on my walk and sometimes I like to challenge readers. Today I extend one such challenge to you. When is the last time you spent quality, one-on-one quiet time with your creator? Would you go on a journey with me? Where we spend the next seven days making a daily discipline out of seeking His presence? Maybe if we walk together we can share what we find, and maybe we can develop a new habit of carving out that time daily. Setting it aside as if it’s the most important thing to us.

Whenever you ask most Christians on a Sunday, what’s the most important thing in your life… the canned response is “God”. For the next Seven days will you join me in showing God that we mean it?

Stay Strong & Stand Tall



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