Jesus at the Super Bowl?


Wow what a Super Bowl this year, as the Philadelphia Eagles battled the New England Patriots to an 8 point victory 41-33! This is the first Lombardi trophy for the Eagles and they earned every bit of it, during they game they made some amazing plays, staying ahead of the Patriots for most of it, but you never can tell what’s going to happen with Tom Brady. One announcer said “Tom Brady with two and half minutes, he might as well have a month” LOL.

But as much as I enjoyed the game, it wasn’t the best part for me. Some pretty decent and fun commercials will be the talk at water coolers around the nation tomorrow, but that wasn’t my favorite part either. The half time show with Justin Timberlake! Entertaining to the world at large, but not my thing. No the single best moment of the whole night…

…Was when Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson made his acceptance speech at the Lombardi trophy ceremony and started with the words “First I want to give praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ“!!! This is a bit of a paraphrase, but that’s ok… the whole point is he clearly gave glory to God for their victory tonight!

Now I am not excited about this because I think Jesus wanted them to win the Super Bowl…. but for a different reason. Just about an hour before the game was over, I had a conversation with my wife and asked her why there hasn’t ever been a Super Bowl commercial taken out by a church to preach the gospel to a worldwide audience on one of the biggest stages around? Sure those commercials cost a lot of money, but think of the eyes and ears you can reach! My wife was pretty sure it never happened because of the cost, figuring there are better ways to spend that kind of money in ministry. I think she is right.

So what’s even better than that? A Head Coach giving all the glory to our King of Kings in his victory speech! If there was just one heart touched for God tonight, then that would be worth a thousand Super Bowl ad spots.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall






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