Air Force Reverses Suspension of Colonel Who Refused to Support Same-sex Marriage

A US Air Force colonel was suspended last year after he refused to sign a certificate in support of gay marriage. Now, that decision has been reversed.

Source: Air Force Reverses Suspension of Colonel Who Refused to Support Same-sex Marriage – Christian News Headlines

You may not like Donald Trump, you may not agree with everything he has done since taking the office of President of the United States… but you have to agree he is having a positive impact on Religious Liberty in our Country.

We all know this reversal by the Air Force never would have happened during the Obama Administration, and if it did, the Justice Department would probably have sued the USAF!

We are living in a perilous time in our Country, when God is being forced out of the public arena every where we turn. It started with prayer in schools and has been taken to unforeseen levels thanks to the efforts of multiple Atheist organizations.

The time is now for Christians across America to Stand up for what they believe and let their voice be heard… it is now that policies and laws are being written… it is now that progressive politicians are moving up through the political ranks. We MUST act, we must VOTE not just at the polls, but with our dollars. We need to educate ourselves on the local political climate where we live and support Christian Conservative Candidates.

Google is your friend, at least as far as finding the resources and information you need to get started. We must fight as loud and hard as the progressive left in this Country… they have the mainstream media, they have the Hollywood elites… they appear to have the upper hand everywhere we look.

But we have JESUS CHRIST. King of Kings, Lord of Lords!

We are already on the winning side, but don’t let that truth lull you to sleep… there are countless souls on the line that do not know Jesus as we do. We must FIGHT!

Stay Strong & Stand Tall




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