‘Flush It’: New Undercover Video Exposes Brutal Reality of Late-Term Abortion

In a newly released undercover video by pro-life organization, Live Action, an abortion worker describes the process of terminating an unborn child six months in the womb.

Source: ‘Flush It’: New Undercover Video Exposes Brutal Reality of Late-Term Abortion – Faithwire

As the abortion debate rages on in America the progressive left has continued its assault on the unborn… and its unwavering support of Planned Parenthood that receives over 300 Million taxpayer dollars each year.

Live Action is a non profit organization that performs undercover video investigations of the abortion and sex trafficking industries. It was founded my Lila Rose when she was 15 years old and now has over 2 Million followers on social networks and is one of the largest and most engaged online pro-life movements.

Christians should stand united, shoulder to shoulder in opposition to the abortion-on-demand industry in our Country. However, there are many Christians and progressive churches that stand on the side of Planned Parenthood and use a “woman’s right to choose” as a banner to defend.

As Christians we should all be able to agree that the Word of God is the standard by which we should measure all truth claims. If you are pro-choice and call yourself a follower of Jesus can you give me ONE scripture that would support your position? Just one? Go ahead and Google it, I’ll wait…

P.S. If you cannot find just ONE scripture that supports your position on abortion, why do you hold that position as a Christian? Are you a follower of Jesus or a follower of a fallen secular world? Which master do you serve?

Food for thought.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall






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