Petition to fire Fresno State professor attracts 24,000 signatures

A petition to fire the Fresno State professor who called the late Barbara Bush “an amazing racist” has attracted over 24 thousand signatures.

Source: Petition to fire Fresno State professor attracts 10,000 signatures | Fox News

You may have heard the story of Randa Jarrar who took to twitter hours after Barbara Bush died to post some very disgusting remarks. There was outrage on social media from the right and applause from the left. What a shocker. Here are a few of her tweets…


Ms. Jarrar is currently out of the Country on leave, and a University investigation is under way into her conduct. Many are calling for her to be fired.

Not me.

While I am just as disgusted by her remarks as anyone else, I am a strong defender of the Constitution, and not just the 2nd Amendment, but all of them. Now just because her speech is protected, doesn’t mean it cannot have consequences. There are several financial donors of the University that are considering closing their checkbooks, depending on the outcome of this case, so there is a lot of pressure on the University to act.

Imagine if a Conservative professor tweeted that all gays need to repent and turn from their sin. How long before the left would move heaven and Earth to take his job? Every time a situation like this develops there is always hypocrisy on both sides of the isle which is a clear reflection of how divided our Country has become.

As Christians I feel we need to Stand Tall for the values of our God first and our Country second… part of that is defending the core documents that shaped this great nation, even when it feels uncomfortable… or especially when it feels most uncomfortable.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall


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