Avengers Infinity War Christian Movie Review

Avengers Infinity War opened this weekend. My wife and I went to see it on Friday, my friends and I went to see it Saturday on IMAX 3D… and my wife and I plan to see it again next weekend. That being said, how much do you think I enjoyed this film??? So far I have roughly $70 invested and another $50 or so on the way from my bank account to Disneys.

In Case I have been unclear, I give Avengers Infinity War a big…


That being said other Christian reviews are not as positive. The Popular Christian website Plugged In, gave the movie 2.5 Plugs.
plugged in Avengers

Most movie review critics spend half their time telling you what the movie is about, but I am not going to do that here. If you are reading this, you have probably already seen the movie or are considering it and just want to see what a Christian has to say on the matter. So I want to get right into it. From this point forward I will be talking in detail about the film…


I want to start by saying I have come to a place in my Christian walk where I have given up many of the popular shows and movies I once used to enjoy, because God has placed it on my heart to do so. Some examples would be Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Horror Films in General and several popular video games like Call of Duty. My reasons for giving these up, is that they don’t Glorify God in any way and in many cases do the opposite. Many of these titles even open doorways into your life for the enemy to infiltrate. Marvel I have not given up, with the exception of Deadpool… sorry Ryan.

Now I have been watching Marvel films from the beginning and have collected comic books for most of my life. While I understand there is little reference to God (the one true God we worship as Christians) in the Marvel universe, I also understand it is a completely fictitious universe where Good generally or nearly always triumphs over evil.

There is a message throughout all of the films… of a few willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for the many. These are people who are generally vastly outnumbered and overpowered facing certain doom, and yet never willing to give up the good fight.

So let’s talk about Avengers Infinity War

From  a purely Christian perspective I see no reason to recommend people avoid this film. There is one mention of Jesus by the character Star Lord and it was mean’t as a laugh line. There are several references to others as “gods” such as Thor the “man-god” and Thanos who is worshipped by his followers as a god, and let’s face it… once you get all the infinity gems, you are about as close to god as you’re going to get.

There is little if any foul language, there is no nudity or overt sexuality. The violence is over the top, but for the most part done in a very minimally graphic way… very little blood.

If you have ever read a comic book, you understand that heroes have to fight, pretty much every day of their lives against all the evildoers in the world… who are always plotting. This kinda reminds me of our Christian walk… we are always preparing for battle (or at least we should be)… against an ever-present enemy.

I would have no problem recommending Christian families go see this movie… it was a lot of fun, but you must remember it is part one of TWO. The ending still hasn’t been told and if you have little children in the theater, what happens in the last 10 minutes will sadden their little hearts… especially if they are Marvel fans and have a favorite Hero on the screen.  When the credits roll you will have to explain, it is NOT OVER! The Good Guys will still have time to defeat the bad guys.

Now from a Fanboy perspective. WHERE THE HECK IS THE SILVER SURFER!!!!????

They already replaced him when the Hulk came crashing down in Stephen Strange’s Sanctum… so it is not looking good! What is he, locked up in some sort of Copyright jail with the Fantastic Four?

And I am not happy with the Hulk’s stage fright either, especially since in the trailer he is clearly running with the gang in Africa. Nothing like trailer scenes that never make the final cut (this happens quite frequently).

hulk run

Screen capture from the trailer, look who it is! The Hulk!

My only theory on his not coming out to fight, is maybe it’s the first time Hulk ever got his butt handed to him… and maybe Hulk is a little frightened of Thanos??? Hard to imagine, but I am open to other theories.

A few other quick points… I know some people are like… “Dr. Strange! How are you going to give up the Time Gem so easily to save Stark?? You just gave a speech 30 minutes ago where you said you would do the exact opposite of that!” But don’t forget the scene where Strange was able to see the million plus possible endings to come… and he said ONLY one had the Heroes winning. It must be in THAT version that Strange gives over the gem.

Now we can try to cross-reference this with the comics but won’t get very far… the books and the movie universe have diverged too far. Which is good in some ways, you do remember in the books, Thanos was motivated to do all this by Mistress Death because he wanted her to love him. I never liked that aspect of the story, so I am glad they didn’t go that route.

My other small gripe, how come everyone blows away peacefully into dust, except Spidey? Why does he have to be all whiny and crying about it??? Wasn’t that the merciful part of the Thanos finger snap? That people would just cease to exist, with no suffering?

Oh and I would say I missed Hawkeye, but that wouldn’t be true. HAHAHA

Other than that this movie was AWESOME and I cannot wait to see it again, for the third time! What are your thoughts? Comment Below.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall


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