Why Christians CANNOT Believe in Evolution

Evolution is perhaps the greatest of all deceptions ever concocted by the enemy to lead Billions astray from a belief in God. Sadly many Church leaders and Pastors have given into the lie of evolution and teach Christians around the world it is OK to believe in evolution and still be a Christian.

But these two worldviews are direct opposition to each other.

Now there are a large variety of definitions of evolution and I should specify what I am talking about in this article. Quite simply I believe the following statement should be held as true by all Christians… “Man was created by God from dust, and not an evolutionary process over millions of years”. If you come to me and say HEY I’m a Christian but I don’t believe that, I believe we evolved from single-cell organisms… then my reply is simple… keep reading.

Far too many Christians today have lowered the standard of the Word of God in their lives (which is to say the ultimate standard of truth). This is not surprising, as most American Christians hardly even read the Bible and fewer study it. So let me explain why… if you choose to believe in Darwinian Evolution, you will have effectively rendered the Word of God to be a literary work of fiction and nothing more.

Evolution teaches that the only way humans came to exist was through MILLIONS and MILLIONS of years of death and dying. But God teaches us something completely different in the Bible.

Romans 5:12
Therefore, just as sin entered the world through one man, and death through sin, and in this way death came to all people, because all sinned–

According to Holy Scripture, death didn’t enter the world until SIN… or more specifically Adam’s Sin. Before that, death didn’t exist… humans didn’t die. You may also be aware that, according to the Bible, Adam was created from dust… and was not evolved over Millions of years. He was created a fully grown man, fully capable of living his life on day one. You may have chosen to give up that belief under the pressure from a fallen secular society… but nearly every Christian knows what the Bible says on that issue… at least I hope.

People can say all day long, that Chimpanzees are 98% the same as Humans genetically speaking… but what a gap… what an immeasurable SPAN lies in that 2%. The truth is quite simple, if God created all things in His way, I would EXPECT very similar systems “under the hood”. You know how many Chimpanzees will be splitting Atoms or building automobiles in one million years? Zero. Or how many will be contemplating the existence of God and reading the Bible? Zero (don’t worry if mankind is still around in one million years, the Bible will be here too). Look at the last few hundred years of Human history that we can actually observe… look how far we have advanced as a species… and yet the Chimps are still the Chimps… they haven’t advanced one iota.

But Keith, we need more time, yes I know. You need millions of years, and if that doesn’t work make it billions. The whole notion is ridiculous… but if you get enough white lab coats to agree on something, you can get people to believe anything. Just remember history is littered with scientific “truths” proven wrong.

Let’s clear up a misconception

The book of Genesis is a book of History. Jesus Christ Himself often referred back to the book of Genesis, and He certainly believed it to be a true account of Creation. Now you can choose to not believe Genesis and you can even choose to not believe the words of Jesus Christ, but then I ask you… in what then do you place your faith?

Let us continue…

Why did Jesus Christ die on the cross? To pay the price for our Sins. Here is the key, He died to pay the price for ALL mankind’s sin… not just some of them, but ALL OF THEM. So now we must ask the question… where did sin come from, where did it begin? According to scripture, it entered the world when Adam disobeyed God in the Garden. This is not an allegory, it is a factual account of our beginnings, so please stop letting a fallen secular world convince you otherwise.

If you choose to believe in evolution, this is what happens: You throw the whole idea of sin entering the world when Adam disobeyed God OUT the window. This is catastrophic for two reasons:

  1. If sin DIDN’T enter the world as the Bible says, and we evolved, then Jesus died on the cross for NOTHING. No sin, no need for the blood of Jesus.
  2. And even worse… if you say you don’t believe the historical narrative revealed to us in the book of Genesis by God Himself, then you mean to say the Bible is false. You cannot logically say one part of the Bible is false, but all the good Jesus stuff near the end is true. If the Bible is false, Jesus was a fraud and we might as well toss our Bibles in the trash and go home.

Christians it’s time to go on RED ALERT!

This is a call to arms! We are living in a society where the TRUTH is being replaced with LIES at every turn and we MUST NOT roll over and accept any of it. When society says evolution is true, we have to STAND. When society says homosexuality is loving and healthy we have to STAND. When society says a man can choose to be a woman we have to STAND.

If you are a Christian, stop treating that title like a membership to a social club on Sunday. Being a Christian is a lot more than going to a Toby Mac concert and posting memes on facebook. It’s about FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST. He told us before He left, we WOULD BE HATED for His name (Matthew 10:22)?

Are you hated or do you fit right in with the rest of the world? If it’s the latter, why do think that is?

Want to read a more detailed article on Creation vs. Evolution? Follow this link to my friend Bruce Cooper’s website Reasoned Cases for Christ.


Stay Strong & Stand Tall


29 thoughts on “Why Christians CANNOT Believe in Evolution

  1. So, um, Keith. Genetic similarities are not the only evidence for an old earth and evolution.

    For example, take tiktaalik. Evolutionists went: “The fossil will be found here in such and such strata” and lo and behold! It was found!

    That’s just one example. There’s radiometric dating, genetic clocks, etc.

    Calling an idea ridiculous isn’t going to make it go away. That’s just a straight up ad-hominem.

    I could ridicule the idea of an invisible God who I can’t observe, but that’s not the point. The point is to provide evidence for your position, not insults.

    I’m afraid that this article strawmans evolution. What makes you so confident about chimp’s inteligence in a million years? Were you there? Remember, we have only developed technology within the past couple of thousand years (million if you ask me.)

    I hope that we can carry out a reasonable discussion without being forced to resort to insults and arguments from adverse consequences.

    Yours truly,



  2. Sheev –

    First thank you for taking the time to start a conversation here. Let me start by stating the obvious, nothing I am about to write in this comment section will change your mind. Just as nothing you could say would change mine. We both know this. However here is my rebuttal…

    First, I realize that genetic similarities aren’t the sum total of all evolutionary evidence, I never made that claim I only used it as an example. Which I still stand beside.

    Second, none of the other evidence you listed OR exists is enough to convince me that Humans were not created from dust by God. Why? Because this is what God revealed to us in Holy Scripture… which is the entire point of my article. I am not trying to convince Atheists that evolution is false and God exists, I am simply trying to correct Christians who have stopped believing in the Word of God.

    Now I can write a whole new article on WHY the Word of God IS from God and how magnificent this collection of books really is, because unless you understand it is IMPOSSIBLE for Humans to generate such a work on their own, you are liable to consider the Bible written by man alone… which is simply untrue.

    Third, my pointing out how evolution requires ridiculous amounts of time, which can NEVER be proven wrong (how convenient) and can NEVER be observed (the whole basis of the scientific method) and can NEVER be repeated… is not an ad-hominem as you described it. I am not sure what you believe the definition of that word to mean… but that’s not it.

    Now we can go back and forth forever on evolution… and not be convinced of each other’s position… but the whole point of this article, as I just stated is to show Christians how they cannot logically hold both positions… that evolution and the Bible are both true.

    That just cannot be.


  3. but the whole point of this article, as I just stated is to show Christians how they cannot logically hold both positions… that evolution and the Bible are both true.

    That just cannot be.

    Effectively you seem to be stating that, if evolution is fact then Christianity is false?

    Have I understood this correctly, Keith?



      1. This was the first thing that popped up when I typed definition of evolution.

        the process by which different kinds of living organism are believed to have developed from earlier forms during the history of the earth.

        Is this what you mean by evolution?


      2. That definition seems very vague, so let me try to clear the water.

        Man i.e. Humans were created by God. We, as a species, did not evolve from lower life forms. All other species on Earth were also created by God and did not evolve from other, earlier life forms.

        That is not to say that Adaptation does not exist… as it clearly does all around us. God created One Man and One Woman from which all the diversity in humans we observe has adapted over time.

        So in the sense of adaptation within the same species, evolution is true. But in the sense of this mythical tree of life that bursts forth from Darwinian evolution… evolution is not true.


      3. Then based on the evidence – the human genome project for example – and using your either/ or scenario in the post we can state with little fear of contradiction that Christianity is false.


      4. Not even close. You are/have been misled. I can line up as many scientists as you like, in whatever field you like, with whatever initials you would like to see behind their names, that disagree completely with Darwinian evolution as a basis for explaining the complexity of life at all levels as we observe them today.

        Evidence means nothing, it is how evidence is interpreted that counts…

        Everyone has a worldview in which they see the evidence and make decisions. You have yours and I have mine, they will never change.


      5. No problem.However, as there are a number of interpretations of evolution, as you mention, Please list a secular biologist and preferably an evolutionary biologist who disagrees with your take on evolution.
        And if you wish to offer a link then please link to a secular site.


      6. And how do you propose I find such a person, email thousands of scientists and ask them? What a strange request.

        Beyond that, why would it matter if a Biologist goes to Mass or Sunday Service? Is it your view he’s not a REAL scientist if he does???


      7. You disagree with Darwinian evolution and yet you consider you are unable to reference a single evolutionary biologist who has no Christian leanings?
        How then can your view be anything but biased?


      8. I am saying I have no idea of a man’s religious leanings at all. Most people don’t walk around with name tags that have their religion of choice printed on them. In fact most scientists you would call secular probably go to church on a regular basis, they just don’t tell you about it before hand.


      9. You are surely aware of Francis Collins’ religious leanings, yes?
        So let me give you an example of a non religious biologist.
        Jerry Coyne.


      10. I have no idea if Francis or Jerry go to church, what church, or when… and it doesn’t matter. At least it shouldn’t matter. If science is science what a man does on Sunday shouldn’t matter one little bit.

        But IF a scientist doesn’t bow down to the thrown of Darwinian Evolution you are quick to ask the question… “is he a Christian”.

        How absurd.


      11. Religiously inclined scientists are well able to compartmentalize thus enabling them to work without religious beliefs necessarily clouding their day to day work.

        So why don’t we stick with Collins as he is a Christian?
        The HGP has demonstrated that it is impossible that the human stock derived from the two individuals as described in the bible.
        Furthermore, we would also have to include Noah and his family and, quite frankly, that would be a futile exercise as the biblical Flood tale is simply fiction.


      12. Ark – I can already see ahead in the very near future… we go back and forth, possibly for dozens or maybe hundreds of comments and guess what? At the end of the day we are BOTH unchanged in our positions.

        So, to save some time, let me say I believe you are dead wrong and you believe I am dead wrong. That about sums it up.

        I have some writing to tend to now.


      13. Yes, but the evidence say I am correct.

        Are you saying you deny/reject the evidence?
        If so, on what grounds exactly are you refuting the evidence produced by the Human Genome Project, and the likes of evangelical Christian Francis Collins?

        Please list specifics.


      14. Not in the least!
        If you have evidence that refutes the findings of the HGP then please, I implore you, present it.
        Let’s look at it and see what it says.
        William Lane Craig has recently been part of a similar get together to discuss and examine this very issue.
        I think it should be the responsibility of all seekers of truth to do similar.
        So, once again. Present away.
        All the links you want. I’ll look at as many as I can.


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