‘Active shooter’ video game prompts outrage in wake of mass shootings | Fox News

A makeshift memorial left in memory of the victims killed in a shooting at Santa Fe High School, is pictured in downtown Santa Fe, Texas, May 24, 2018.  (Reuters)

Active Shooter, a video game that allows players to simulate a school shooting, prompted outrage in the wake of multiple mass shootings at American schools.

Source: ‘Active shooter’ video game prompts outrage in wake of mass shootings | Fox News

Wow. Just wow.

If there is any doubt that our Country is in a moral free fall, here is even more evidence. There are people that will find this game fun, exciting, funny and harmless. All words that should never be used to describe it. Without ever seeing the game, or playing it, I can make a sound judgement based on a little something called “common sense” that just the idea of this game is amazingly ignorant and devoid of empathy. Unfortunately common sense is becoming more and more uncommon by the day.

Just out of curiosity is there anyone out there reading this, that thinks this game is a good idea or would really like to play it? If so, please share your thoughts below… I am truly interested to hear the other side.

UPDATE 5/30/2018: Valve Inc. announced Tuesday it would pull “Active Shooter” from its online gaming platform, Steam, after learning that the game’s publisher and developer has a “history of customer abuse” that was uncovered as a result of the controversy surrounding the game, Variety and other news outlets reported.

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