Atheism & Evolution

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This is a collection of STFC articles and resources on Atheism and Evolution. More will be added here as they are written. You will always find a link to this article on the front page of the website.



23 thoughts on “Atheism & Evolution

    1. That’s all you have to offer? Your comment meets the very definition you assigned to the article… A rant without reason.

      If you have an intelligent counter-argument I will be glad to read it. Otherwise who is wasting time?


  1. If you are a Christian and you believe we evolved from early primates. Then you have no basis in which to claim to be a follower of Christ. The Bible is the foundation of the Christian faith and evolutionary theory as it relates to the origin of man runs contrary to the teachings of Jesus and his crucifixion on every level.

    Not an opinion. That’s a fact.


      1. OK I am confused. Are you a Christian? If you are not a Christian then the article was not written for you…. if you ARE a Christian, how can you say Jesus (who is GOD) didn’t know about evolution???


      2. The article was written for both, it has the tag #atheism. You know it does becaue you wrote it.
        Either way, it makes no difference to the validity or otherwise of your message.
        I can easity make the point about jesus becase of the passage of time involved, in this case, at least 1,500 years.


      3. The Title of the Article is “Why Christians cannot believe in evolution”. It is written to Christians, if you read it, I am not sure how you can think otherwise. It is tagged Atheism, because many atheists believe in evolution…. but it is not written towards them.

        After all of this I am still waiting to hear one counter-argument to the article and what I wrote. Passage of time from Jesus is irrelevant from a Christian worldview. He is omnipotent, He is God.

        Heck, I still do not know what position you are taking in this conversation…

        Are you a Christian that denies God created man and denies the divinity of Christ?

        Are you an atheist who just likes to debate things?

        What is your worldview? Then maybe I can figure out why you think the article is incorrect.


      4. Maybe we have a language barrier. Not sure. But let’s try this… You disagree that Christians Cannot believe in Evolution. So explain to me, how man evolving from early primates lines up with Holy Scripture in any way. Then explain why Jesus died on the cross. We can start there.

        If you are a troll, you will give another flippant response with no substance. If you legitimately have a counter-argument, I am waiting.


      5. As I pointed out, if you are looking for answers from Christian’s on the matter, you should use the various tags associated with Christianity. Instead, it seems your only purpose here is to troll atheists.

        The reason I am glad is because there are Christians and Christian scientists who have a better grasp of evolution than you do.

        I never made a claim concerning evolution. What I did do is post a fellow Christians article stating a Christian CAN believe in evolution. I see you didn’t have a comment on it. Christianity and Science can coexist.

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      6. This is a website built for Christians, if you don’t want to read articles or visit this page, just don’t. The tags I use are my own concern and all of the articles in those archives are concerning Atheism and Evolution.

        You seem to be able to point to other people, but can YOU give me one reason as to HOW it is possible as a “Christian” to believe Man has evolved from single cell organisms, when the Bible (and Jesus) clearly taught that man was CREATED by God.

        I am not on your blog, you are on mine, so the trolling is on your side.


      7. Just in case you don’t know how tags work… the tags you use post your article in the reader for those particular tags. So if you use the tag “Atheism”, it will be posted to those following the “Atheism” tag in their reader.

        This is why you are getting responses from atheists and not Christians.

        Troll on!

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      8. Oh I understand, and as a Christian I often follow those very same tags to find articles to read and comment on… which is why I have seen you on atheist blogs.


      9. Just read your linked article, and there is nothing in there that addresses any of the points I made concerning evolution.

        There is a good reason for that, the points I made cannot just be swept under the carpet, they need to be addressed by anyone claiming Christ as Lord and evolution as the means to which we arrived here.


      10. David, I don’t want answers. I posted an article with a viewpoint. In that article I never asked for an answer. Here in these comments people have challenged that article, so I have asked them for a counter-argument. But not in the article.


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