5 Symptoms of Pornography Addiction


Photo by Dan Musat via Unsplash

In today’s world, particularly in America, it is commonplace and widely acceptable to watch pornography. So much so, that many wives have accepted the fact that their husbands have porn collections around the house or on the computer. Friends openly joke about it as it has become a cultural norm. Even popular shows like Game of Thrones have scenes every episode that would have been considered pornography just a few decades ago.

Thankfully within the Christian community there still remains some semblance of reality as it pertains to the destructive nature of pornography. Sadly that doesn’t mean Christians are exempt from its harmful effects, in fact the opposite is true, as a large number of men in the Church secretly and some openly watch pornography on a regular basis.

In a recent Men’s group I was leading, there were about 8 men, and I asked them to be honest and raise their hand if they were currently watching pornography. Half of the men raised their hands and half of those men didn’t believe there was anything wrong with it!

As I have written over and over, pornography is one of the deadliest addictions facing our world today (not physically but spiritually). Many men who watch regularly still don’t consider it an addiction, and so they keep watching over and over and over. Identifying the problem as an addiction puts it in a new category of personal issues they have to deal with, so many men actively avoid this truth as they embrace their secret or open sin.

Right now however I want to address the men or women who watch pornography and truly wonder if they might be facing an addiction in their life.

Here are 5 symptoms of Pornography Addiction:

  1. You frequently watch pornography and hide this activity from your wife/girlfriend (or husband/boyfriend).
  2. You find it more difficult to perform sexually with your spouse, but have no problems while watching porn.
  3. All sense of reason and logic leave you when have a sudden urge to watch porn. The possibility of losing your Marriage or other serious consequences have no power to stop you.
  4. You feel deep shame and regret after watching pornography but still find yourself returning to it over and over.
  5. You often feel powerless over the urges to watch porn when they overtake you. You want to stop but still find yourself going back, often times when life is most stressful.

If this describes you, I want to encourage you to seek help immediately. The enemy uses shame and guilt to make sure your secret sin stays hidden, and the only way to disable this common trap is to expose it to as much light as possible.

“Sin cannot live in the light as it is a product of darkness.”

If you are a Christian reading this, seek trusted counsel from your Church leadership and prayerfully prepare yourself for the next important step: telling your wife or husband and fighting for your Marriage.

There are a lot of resources here on this blog to help you fight your way free of this addiction, but most importantly I want you to know… you are not alone. If you want to talk with someone in confidence, I will listen, and I will not judge you. We are Brothers in Arms on the same battlefield, in the same fox hole.

“My name is Keith, I a faithful follower of Jesus Christ,
and I struggle with lust and pornography”



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