Why I Support Donald Trump and Will Vote For Him Again


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I have been meaning to write this article for some time, but have just kept pushing it to the side, mostly to give Trump some more time in office and see how things develop in his Presidency.

There are many people criticizing Christians for supporting and electing Trump so I think it’s important to clearly articulate why I personally support him as our President and why I will vote for him again.

There are two things we have to consider in our President. One – the person that Donald Trump is and two – the job he is doing as President. On the first issue, I am obviously not pleased with certain aspects of Trump’s lifestyle, however I have learned long ago, that when I start to judge someone I try not to forget the man I once used to be. It was only through the saving grace of God that I am a new creation. Additionally I did not vote for Trump to elect a leader of a Church, but to be a leader of our Nation.

Some will argue that Trump calls himself a Christian. He is free to do so, and he will come face to face with God one day to be judged. It is my hope and prayer that he has a relationship with Jesus Christ or comes to know Him before its too late. I cannot control what people label themselves, but I can say unequivocally many of his behaviors run contrary to the teachings of Christ… but then again, so have mine.

The second issue is where I want to make my case, and that is Job Performance. How many Presidents can you remember in office? How many did you live through? How many of them made a mountain of claims during their campaigns, and then how many actually followed through? It always frustrated me that politicians would do or say anything to get elected, and then sit on their hands for 4 years or until the next election cycle then wash and repeat.

Out of nowhere Trump emerged on the scene, and very early on I predicted he would take it all, even when people continually made fun of him and the press lambasted him month after month. During his campaign he made some very lofty and hard to believe promises and it was my assumption the Washington machine would just chew him up and spit him out if he did manage to get elected. In that I was dead wrong.

So let’s take a look at the campaign promises he has kept so far, about 500 days in…

  • Appoint a Conservative Justice to the SCOTUS
  • Keep Gitmo Open
  • Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem
  • Cancel the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Save the Carrier plant in Indiana
  • Create a 10% RePatriation Tax
  • Reverse Obama’s 2016 Gun Executive Order
  • Slash Federal Regulations
  • Create a lifetime ban on WH Officials lobbying for Foreign Governments
  • Take the fight to ISIS (Dropping the MOAB)
  • Steel Tariffs on China Imports
  • Lower unemployment
  • Encourage corporations to come back to the U.S.

Here are some campaign promises he is working on currently…

  • Building the southern wall
  • Deporting criminal illegal immigrants
  • Fighting the Opioid crisis
  • Diplomatic talks with North Korea
  • Repealing Obamacare
  • Removing Gun free zones from schools and military bases

These are very impressive lists and even his worst critics who despise everything about him, must acknowledge the progress he’s made. They may not like the direction of that progress, but they cannot deny it.

After Trump gets re-elected (which he will) he will most likely get two more SCOTUS nominations before he leaves office. This will help the conservative movement in America for the next 20 years or more… which is a GREAT thing.

When it comes to job performance one area we need to look at is unemployment, and according to Politifact… Black unemployment and Hispanic unemployment hit historic lows under the Trump administration. Additionally the overall unemployment rate dropped to the lowest point in 18 years.

As for the economy, it may not be the best (and we know Trump loves to be the best) but it certainly has made vast improvements since the recession and continues to gain strength.

The bottom line, is that Making America Great Again seems to be a winning strategy and we need to keep this momentum going.


8 thoughts on “Why I Support Donald Trump and Will Vote For Him Again

    • Bruce, always be weary of websites that cannot say ONE good thing about a person (like Trump), or ONE bad thing. In either situation their bias is overwhelming their judgement.

      I obviously didn’t read all of his material, but one of his articles, the titles of the rest tell enough of the story.

      It’s like I tell my boss, before you give all the reasons something is wrong, can you start with ONE thing that is right?


      • The author is a writer and an atheist and we’ve exchanged some insightful dialogue in the past. One thing that he does well is a lot of research so that what he says is backed up by authenticated fact. Anyway, I’m not trying to rain on your parade (well maybe a light shower) but considering all the research he has done, Trump’s track record pretty well speaks for itself. Obviously we are opposed in our opinions. November should be interesting. Grace and blessings!


  1. “Politicians would do or say anything to get elected, and then sit on their hands for 4 years or until the next election cycle then wash and repeat.” That sounds like a common experience here too.

    As for Trump, going by your list, he is delivering the promise. So I think you Americans should be more patient with him.

    I see him as a courageous and fearless man, taking decisions that other presidents considered difficult. The US Embassy now established in Jerusalem is a case in point.

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  2. I voted for Trump; think Hillary speaks for the devil’s minions. I heard Kat Kerr say God showed her Donald Trump will be in office for two terms; he will bring our government back into order and bring peace and prosperity to our land. He is no more perfect than King David, Moses, Abraham, or many of our other fathers in the faith mentioned in the Bible! I believe he says he’s born again and take him at his word. Many of us are praying Holy Spirit fire fall on him! Yes, we needed a business man in the presidency at this time, not a politico!


  3. Reblogged this on Musings along life's journey and commented:
    If you don’t believe Brother Keith, check out Kat Kerr’s videos where God showed her about Trump as well as prophets on Sid Roth’s program and others who I trust in the Lord and have heard Him speak about our president and our country. Give the man grace! God doesn’t choose the qualified; He qualifies the chosen!

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  4. We cannot allow terrorists to co-mingle with our prison population in the continental US. Prisons would become a breeding ground for extremist ideology, and as young men cycle in and out of the prison system, that would allow terrorist networks to easily infiltrate our borders.


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