For New Christian Bloggers – The First 90 Days


Recently I read an article from T.R. Noble of Inside Cup, where she details how her blog grew and I found it very interesting and insightful. It got me thinking about all that has happened here on Stand Tall For Christ in the very short time this blog has been online. This post is directed towards New Christian Bloggers, to give you a short glimpse down the road ahead, and to myself so I can look back in the future and see how it all worked out.

When I first launched the blog it was January 17, 2018 and my plan was to get close to 10 articles on the site, before I actively began sharing it with anyone. Here is how the posting went by month to month…

  • January – 9 articles
  • February – 8
  • March – 2
  • April – 15
  • May – 31
  • June – 12 so far

At the end of January I began sharing about the blog with people I know, but didn’t really know anything about TAGS and CATEGORIES so I never really messed with them. Telling all of your friends at church about your blog, and none of them visit once – Priceless. Needless to say it didn’t take long to feel as though I was writing and writing but no one was ever going to find my blog let alone read it.

Now as you can see there was a major lag in activity early on, at the end of Feb thru Mar, and the reason? I was letting frustration defeat me as I struggled to break single digit followers and there were no comments or likes on anything.

What I was doing wrong

One day my wife asked me why I hadn’t written on my blog in a while and I explained, in my best WOE IS ME storytelling mode. It is quite embarrassing looking back LOL. My beautiful wife who is 8 years my junior is ALWAYS full of wisdom, God bless her.

She explained that she followed a Minimalist blog for a long time, and it started out very slowly but grew over time, and that blogging is hard long work that it takes time to develop. She said to lower my expectations and see where the blog is at in 2-3 years, and form a long term plan for growth.

Her talk made me see the two things that were getting in my way, first my pride…oh poor Keith no one is reading his articles. And second, my need to have everything right now, my incredible impatience (which appears in many areas of my life).

What Changed

So I immediately did two things… I changed my mindset to long term, focusing on building a blog that could grow as God desired and not me. Then I began writing and writing… but not just on my blog. What I discovered, and I am sure you already know, is that most of your time blogging will be spent on OTHER people’s blogs.

This is where people will get to know you, not just other bloggers, but their readers as well, so while I spend probably 4-5 hours a week writing for my own bog, I easily spend 2-3 times that commenting and interacting on other blogs.

Once I did those two things, starting back in April, things started to pick up as people began to like, comment and follow my blog. When I hit 50 Followers it was like… a massive milestone for me LOL. One day you and I will looking back on 5,000 followers and think…. remember back then?

You might ask, Keith – why are you concerned about a follower count? Just write for the Lord and be happy! You might be correct, maybe I shouldn’t be looking at that number, but darn it all I can’t help it… it’s right there!!! LOL. Plus at least I can look at it and see growth and this gives me encouragement.

My advice to you

  • Keep writing, if people find your blog, the more content the more likely they will be to revisit your writings.
  • Make use of Categories and Tags early on, and decide how you want to structure your site. This will help you get discovered through search engines more quickly.
  • Write about something that you have lived and experienced when you can, really connect with your audience by being authentic.
  • Comment on other blogs and connect with other bloggers (follow them). I never leave a comment like “great to meet you, nice blog, please visit mine“. How lame. Instead I read an article and give a thoughtful response, this blogger spent a good deal of time writing this article the least I can do is spend a little time writing a comment.
  • Visit blogs with counter-thoughts and ideas. This may seem weird to some, but I spend a lot of time on Atheist blogs, commenting on their articles. You know what’s interesting is some of them have come back to my blog and when they do, the conversations are LONG. Not always in a negative way, although sometimes that happens. Plus if I am just writing to Christians all day, how do I reach the lost? One word of caution, if you decide to venture out into the lands of Atheism, be prepared. You will be challenged greatly and need to know the reasons for your faith. Equip yourself.
  • Get comfy and buckle in for the long haul, blogging is not easy and takes a lot of time. If you desire, as I do, to blog full time – understand it will be a full time job… not some dream where you write three hours a week from a beach in Jamaica.
  • Have fun! You are serving the Lord, building the Kingdom… what greater joy can be found?


23 thoughts on “For New Christian Bloggers – The First 90 Days

  1. Really great tips! I agree it really is about getting to know the community. Blogging technicals, like structure, design, tags, categories, how you make your feature images, etc. they only go so far. You need that community to back you up and they need you. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the comment T.R…. a really great resource for images, some people might be aware of, and some maybe not…

    GREAT photos, all for free, just give credit when you can… nearly all of my articles use this resource. I also found some good stuff on ADOBE STOCK, but that can get pricey.

    Another thing I do, is visit more successful blogs and look around to see what they are doing, how is their site laid out? what pages do they have? what categories and tags do they use? When I see something I like, I incorporate it.

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    1. Wow! So I’ve literally just discovered Unsplash today, what a coincidence that you’re mentioning it here! Can’t wait to try it out as an alternative to Canva and Shutterstock.

      And also completely agree about getting to know the community. Excellent blog post, just followed you 👌🏾


  3. Thanks for your advice Keith, that’s about how long I’ve been blogging. I publish once a week on Fridays unless I re-blog something. I like to give people the weekend to get to reading mine. Most of my other blogs come to my e-mail once a week, but I’ve not cut you down to that since I’ve been able to keep up with most of your posts. Keep doing what the Spirit leads you to and I will too!

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    1. Yes, I removed the built-in email subscribe feature of wordpress and replaced it with MailChimp… the reason? I want to control when people get emails…. and with the built-in.. every time I post it shoots off an email. I NO LIKEY! I prefer people get one email a week with all the new posts listed.


  4. These are great tips for new and expierenced bloggers, Keith.

    I was definitely planning on commenting on an Atheist blog that actually follows me, but I never really read through her blog posts all the way because they were a bit confusing.

    In addition to that, I felt like if I did comment on one of her blog posts about something Christian that it would start a long conversation that I felt I would be trapped in (metaphorically speaking).

    What do you suggest?


    1. Here is what you have to know about Atheists, most of them… a vast majority, make claims that they have heard other Atheists make, but are basically just repeating things. For example, you will commonly hear from most Atheists in debates that the Bible is full of contradictions, or say things like the Bible endorses modern day slavery, or that God is an evil God who allows suffering. All of these claims are completely false and 99% of the people who make them, have never even read the Bible one time through.

      You must also understand that “most” Atheists have a superiority complex, and need to feel intellectually superior to Christians… so they will repeat the biggest words they can find to impress people or will descend into angry curse filled ranting in about 30 seconds… calling you all sorts of names for not believing in their non-belief LOL.

      My advice? If you go, go prepared.


      1. Actually, Keith, while I am sure your remarks about many atheists are perfectly correct, most of the non – believers/atheists I regularly dialogue with, and especially those who visit my blog, were all former Christians.

        Granted, some were merely cultural Christians, but others were firmly part of the Christian faith and a few were even Young Earth Creationists, some from birth others through conversion.

        On or two were ministers who also did mission work. They all come from various Christian sects, including Catholic and Baptist.
        Although I have read the bible, understanding much of the nuances contained in its text I have learned from the various people who were brought up or converted to the Christian faith, some having been schooled in the very same apologetics that you espouse on you blog.

        It is because of their background in apologetics that they are able to utilize this scholarly attribute which has, by some, also been honed by understanding the texts in their original language, to explain the contradictions and many other anomalies, especially now that they are not constrained in any way by a need for faith.



  5. These are good tips. My current blog is over six years old, but I still don’t have many readers. Regardless, I try to focus on posting good content, and it gives me an outlet. Before the one I have now, I had a fairly popular Christian blog for several years. It grew slowly through persistence. I did find that people from my church were not the ones interested, like you.


    1. @John.

      I think it is probably that many potential followers found out you were once a groupie for Megadeath and the Back Street Boys and also have a secret fetish for listening to Black Sabbath records backwards.

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  6. Keith, I just found your blog and this post, but I’ll be following you now. Thank you for this post in particular. I haven’t been blogging long and I too find myself getting caught up in the number of views and visitors and especially the followers. What a great reminder that the Lord will grow my blog as He grows me – one step at a time. I loved all the tips you gave also – thanks so much for those! 🙂


  7. I agree blogging takes a lot of time! Besides writing just getting everything to work together takes time. It does get easier with time and I do enjoy it. Thanks for the good tips. Have a blessed day.


  8. I am not only a new blogger, but a new Christian as well! Thank you so much for these tips, they are very helpful 😊
    Take care,


  9. It is really a good advise to spend time reading other people’s blogs. Blogging is all about community and interactions. More so, an opportunity to learn from others, while sharing your own thoughts.

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  10. I love your post! Thanks for being honest about the fact that learning to successfully blog takes time! You have a great writing voice and I appreciate the encouragement!

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