Historic U.S. – North Korea, Singapore Summit Smothered in Media Bias? Say it isn’t So!

U.S. President Donald Trump sits next to North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un at the Capella Hotel in Singapore

Photo Credit: Reuters

While Donald Trump just concluded a Historic summit with North Korean Dictactor Kim Jong Un the American Press is running in high gear promoting their political agenda instead of just reporting the facts.

Primarily this Fact: Donald Trump managed to accomplish something in his first 2 years, that Obama failed to accomplish in 8, and all other Presidents before him equally failed to do… bring North Korea to the negotiating table.

Do you remember when the news, actually reported the news – without a political filter? Yeah, me neither… Guess I am too young for those days… but I hear they were the best years of Journalism.

Just to give you a tiny sample of what I mean, here are some “experts” rolled out by CNN and The Washington Post and their perspective on this great achievement by our President Donald Trump…


Aaron David Miller “The summit of the vanities: This meeting wasn’t about negotiating substance. It was instead a highly personalized summit dominated by the leaders and their own agendas.”

YJ Fischer“President Donald Trump’s meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un turned out to be a modest affair. For all the Nobel Peace Prize buzz, the two leaders talked one-on-one for about 20 minutes, when you factor in slow consecutive translation. The meeting was visually dramatic but substantively shallow.”

Juliana Silva and Bill McGowan“Kim emerged from his limo looking positively grim, his bowed head conveyed a certain defeatism. Trump emerged from his limo tugging at his jacket, looking tense, his red tie dangling, as usual, below his belt buckle.”

Euny Hong“I feel vindicated and smug, because I tried to tell everyone that this wasn’t the Camp David peace accords. That nothing was going to happen. They didn’t believe me. There is a fine line between clever and stupid — to quote Spinal Tap — and it’s impossible to tell who is which.”
Michael D’Antonio“Although he owned — and bankrupted — casinos, Trump has never been a gambler himself. In the run-up to the summit he seemed unaware of Kim’s ultimate aim — legitimacy and prestige — and offered those to him to get him to the table”
Samantha Vinograd“The Singapore Summit will serve as a road map for dictators and would-be proliferators around the world: achieve a nuclear capacity, terrorize your people, and go right up to the brink of a nuclear standoff and you’ll get, in return, selfies and summitry.”

The Washington Post

James Hohmann“In Kim he trusts: Trump sounds naive after meeting North Korea’s leader. The president, eager to cement what he’s calling “a very special bond” with Kim Jong Un, is giving someone the benefit of the doubt who has done little or nothing to earn it.”
Katrina vanden Heuvel“The Trump spectacle is overshadowing the more urgent scandals of this administration… Though the tendency to focus on spectacle over substance is not a new media phenomenon, it has noticeably worsened under the influence of a president who has devoted his public life to making a spectacle of himself.”
Anne Applebau“Trump and Kim got what they wanted. The rest of the world, not so much.”

You know what would be very refreshing? To see the Trump-Hating media take a break for one minute from trying to tear down EVERYTHING President Trump has accomplished.

Let’s perform a thought experiment, if Barrack Obama had held this summit during his time as President, how do you think CNN and The Washington Post would have covered it? Comment Below…


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