When Atheists Go Too Far

Since I started this blog, it was my intention to welcome the free flow of thoughts and ideas from all over the ideological spectrum. In fact, my plan was to avoid censorship and give people a platform to express themselves as they choose. I understand when I write about social issues like abortion, gay marriage, gun control and others my articles will illicit many different responses depending on the reader. Some positive, many negative.

What I did decide however, was to hold all comments in moderation so I could be aware of what people were planning to post on my site. As of 8:55 AM this morning I have never held or deleted a comment, they have all been posted… many of them containing direct insults towards me.

As of 8:56 AM however I have decided that there are certain people and certain comments I just do not want polluting my site. Not because they disagree with me, as I love a healthy debate more than anyone. But because I simply will not tolerate certain behaviors any longer.

This all started when I posted in the comments on an article about the TRUTH of Demonic activity and Demonic Possession in the world, and especially America today. Based on this comment an Atheist proclaimed I should never be allowed near children.

LINK TO ARTICLE >> Does Your Church Need a Security Team

Now let me state, it takes a lot to get under my skin, to get me angry. But this utter nonsense blasted right past that line in about 2 seconds. I have spent many years of my life protecting and guarding children. After I left the US Army I took care of special needs children at a state Hospital in Ohio for years, over the last six years I have led a safety team at my church, where my primary duty was to protect the greatest treasure any church has inside its walls… the children. Just last year I had to face off against a mentally-ill gunman outside my church, with a classroom of children inside. So I take GREAT EXCEPTION to these comments and will not allow that discourse on my site any longer.

You may have heard that atheists believe they have cornered the market on “being kind” to one another, and that the religious cause division and strife. In my experience it has been the exact opposite and RARELY have I met a vocal atheist that is anything close to “kind”. Most of them hold the religious in general and Christians in particular in contempt. They despise us as a whole and would prefer a world where we didn’t exist. They believe our thoughts and ideas should remain locked away.

Jesus said in Matthew 10:22 that we WILL be hated for His name’s sake. This is the reality we face as Christians throughout time and it is abundantly true today. As a Christian author and blogger I will continue to Stand on the side of truth, but what I will not do is tolerate hatred and ignorance in the one area I have full control… this website.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall



51 thoughts on “When Atheists Go Too Far

  1. Way to go K.

    It’s a shame that you have to defend yourself, but like Paul of old, ‘you asked for it’ so to speak. He met with the same kinds of opposition, but he had no blog, where words have a shelf life somewhat different..

    You are in good company though, as many have accused Paul the apostle of lobal and brain disconnects, and blah blah blah, all coming from atheists of course. I wrote a post on that and it was actually pretty good, summing up by saying, if he had brain damage, I want what he had, lol

    But yes, ye shall be hated for my name’s sake. That’s expected. But we can control blogs somewhat.

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  3. I can relate to this alot because I too have had some atheists make some very unkind statements about me, Jesus Christ, and Christians. Just like you are planning on doing, I once seriously considered disallowing some comments on my blog. But I felt constrained from doing that.

    Up till this time, I am yet to delete any comments (positive or negative) on my blog. Except for clear spams, I approve all comments of my blog. The reason is that I could loose the specific opportunity of sharing the truth (of the gospel) with the commenters once I disallow their comments. So I make it a point of duty to respond to all comments on my posts, to the best of my ability.

    While they (atheists for instance) peddle their lies, deceits, foolishness, lack of understanding of spiritual truth, frustration, depression etc in their comments, I try to respond to them in love and with the truth of God’s word. I have not arrived yet in doing that but I am learning and improving on it by the day.

    Although, I can’t convince them, I succeed in sowing the seeds of the word in them. I never know when the seed will bear fruit that’s pleases God.

    Keith, I have shared my own little experience here not to ask you to change your mind on censoring your blog’s comment. My advice would be this: do as the Spirit of God leads you. Forgive my lengthy comments please.

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  4. Unfortunately, this sort of destructive vitriol can be found on both sides of the debate. I’ve engaged with apologists who resort to the same sort of us-or-them, ad hominem positioning as you describe, here.

    We’re all in this together, regardless of our beliefs. If our goal is honest conversation, we all need to realize that hyperbolic insults are not going to do anything to help anyone.

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  5. Well Keith, I took the time to read through the lengthy dialogues between the two of you and I am at a loss why you would spend that amount of time and effort exchanging insults with one another. To be candid with you, what purpose do you think it served other than you succumbed to his level. I don’t presume to know your mindset when you get into one of those exchanges but I have a hard time envisioning that the Holy Spirit was guiding your words. People who are sincerely looking for answers to questions deserve a thoughtful response but arguing about the merits or deficiencies of gun control that eventually leads into an exchange that resembles an intellectual ping pong game to determine who can demonstrate their intellectual superiority over the other serves no purpose whatsoever. What I saw was the flesh arguing with the flesh. And then, to make matters worse, you allow the topic of demons to be added to the mixture. Why were you surprised about the outcome, what did you really expect him to say? There’s a post that I’d like you to read.
    People who are sincerely looking for answers deserve a response, people who want to challenge your beliefs just for the sake of demonstrating their supposedly superior debating skills can go else where because quite frankly, I’m not interested in wasting my time. Imagine if you will, Jesus reading through that dialogue you participated in and then He looks at you. Tell me what comes to your mind. Sorry for slapping you on the wrist but I can’t sanction what transpired. Grace and blessings my friend.

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    • Well thank you Bruce for your candid response…. and for taking the time to read that lengthy discussion. What purpose did it serve? I am not sure what to say to that, a debate on social issues probably never serves any purpose I suppose, but for some reason I am fond of debating.

      I would say I spend a great deal of my waking time, most in fact, doing what I consider to be Kingdom work.

      I re-read that entire exchange as well and don’t see any of the issues you see. In fact, what I see is great patience and my resisting the urge to lash out in anger… which would be the easy road.

      You may not agree with how I run my blog, how I talk with people, how I respond in every situation or a number of other things.

      I suppose that is a natural byproduct of us being different people.

      What would Jesus say when he looks at me… I love you.


      • Did you take the time to read the post I gave you the link to? Right at the bottom …. that’s me standing there beside you with the same faults. We’re called to be different. And no, it’s not easy. Grace and blessings!


  6. I am amazed how God puts up with us, but He does. We all have so much to learn, but then, that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? Our hearts and minds are renewed into His way, not our way. I was a slow learner for too many years Keith, you’re much younger than me, use your time more wisely than I did. Grace and blessing!

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      • Its not really relevant what they talk about, more what they believe… but I would be astounded to discover any Christian that doesn’t believe demons are real.

        My first question would be: Where did you get this idea they don’t exist? Not from the Bible, the Bible is clear they do.

        Not from the words of Jesus, he clearly spoke of them, spoke to them and exorcised them regularly.

        That would be the exact same as saying Satan (as he is a fallen angel just like the other demons) doesn’t exist, which is ridiculous if you are a Christian.


      • Not believing in the existence of something is not an idea, its the rejection or indifference of an idea.

        The bible is clear about many things,as is the Quran; That doesn’t mean I should agree with or believe everything or anything it says.

        Any man who I heard talking about satan I’d probably avoid as well.

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      • Yes of course but you are agnostic/atheist correct? I wouldn’t expect that belief in you, but you stated you didn’t know anyone who believed in demons. I think, if you have any Christian friends or co-workers… you will be surprised to discover what they believe. They just don’t talk about in front of folks for whatever their reasons may be. For me, I am not ashamed of ANY of my belief system.


      • Actually I didn’t say I don’t know anyone who believes in demons, I said I don’t know anyone who talks about it. Either way nothing surprises me much these days.

        Perhaps shame is just the remedy you need for that condition then haha


      • I know its possible but I dont believe one or another and it’s irrelevant either way.

        Like I’ve said before I’m familiar with the text of your religion of choice, and again, that’s sick; A creator, or anyone, who thinks murder and ritual sacrifice is acceptable and necessary is not someone who I will ever respect or worship.

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      • Well Keith, if it were necessary for me to do that (like say jump between the child and a bullet), then obviously sick doesn’t apply to that situation, does it?

        Some ancient desert barbarians running around in robes with towels on their heads having “prophecies” about violent acts of murder does not exactly constitute necessity for sacrificing any lives, certainly not my own.

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      • Your example is PERFECTION…. You standing in the path of a bullet for your child. Not sick, sick does not apply, as you said… and I agree.

        That is PRECISELY what Jesus did on the cross for us, His children. Jesus is God and willfully laid down his life, so that WE… that’s me AND you and anyone else… can LIVE eternally with him.

        The bullet of course being eternal separation from God. Jesus DID die on that cross and DID rise three days later having paid the price for all of our sins.

        Now I will leave you with one final thing….

        Jesus suffered horribly because HE LOVES YOU. He wants you to come to Him and know Him. At any moment He could have summoned an Army of Angels to destroy those Romans but he didn’t. That’s how much He loves you.

        Have a great evening Amanda.


  7. Keith, For a guy who claims he once was atheist…. and from your very first posts using the Atheist/Atheism tags, you seem to want to egg on responses from atheists. Here’s an interesting thought, stop writing about atheism and stop using the wordpress tags that will appear in the atheism/atheist reader. Problem solved.

    …but you seem to thrive on the attention you getting, so I doubt very highly you are going to stop anytime soon.


      • Come on Keith, if you keep on poking at people who have different beliefs then you, then they will start poking back. Or maybe you do it intentionally to see how many people will come to your blog? Only you know.


      • I wonder David do you hold your atheist friends to the same standards?? I can tell you I visit many of your online atheist friends and they do nothing but write about Christianity and trust me in no Pleasant way.

        As to your question of why… because as you stated I was an atheist. I also have suffered with a pornography addiction. You will see me commonly write on both of those subjects.

        I enjoy writing about subjects I’m familiar with I also enjoy a very healthy debate.


      • I chuckled as I read your response here David. That’s some sense of humour on display. Anyway, I would say you are holding it down very well.
        It is important we continue to engage all these people who question our faith and make some spurious claims in order to discredit our Chritian testimonies. If we keep quiet, they may never get to hear the truth.

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  8. Keith, in that you have no evidence for demons, and you try to remove the ability of people, including children to make an informed choice, you contribute to ignorance and the dangerous idea that imaginary beings are responsible for various things. Rather than dealing with reality, you want people to imaging that angels can help them and demons will harm them and there is no “truth” to that. That never happens.

    You, if you have worked with special needs children, of all people should know that ignorant theists used to claim that people were possessed by demons, rather than understanding it was mental illness which can be helped, but not by waving a bible or cross at them. Your attempts to spread false claims cause real harm.


    • Club you are the classic atheist. You make statements like “you have no evidence for demons”.

      The truth is there are mountains of evidence of demons all around us, you just choose to ignore it all. Meanwhile upwards of 80% of people living on earth DO believe in demons and angels.

      Why do you ignore the evidence? Because anything that supports a notion that God exists you HAVE to ignore. Scientists get a pass, as they study the NATURAL world using scientific methodology. I don’t expect or desire ANYTHING else from them. I never want a scientist to tell me he has proof God exists, because he would stepping outside of his field of study.

      Your decision to blindly deny what the majority of people on earth believe shows a very biased perspective. You must remember I used to be an Atheist, but since that time several supernatural events have opened my eyes.

      You can stay focused on the material plane and natural world and as long as you insist there are no other “possibilities” out there, then you will wave away ANY amount of evidence presented to you.

      And as to your special needs children scenario, wasn’t it scientists that “used to” electrocute people to fix their brains? As a matter of fact the state hospital I used to work in, still had an electrocution table in the basement that was out of service. That thing looked like a torture device right out of a movie. Theists didn’t come up with that.


      • You are very wrong sir. Here is just one snippet from the Missouri Secretary of State Website. Also, as I stated, I have SEEN this type of table with my very own eyes. They exist and were used frequently at Mental Hospitals across the country.


        Electroshock Therapy

        The use of certain treatments for mental illness changed with every medical advance. Although hydrotherapy, metrazol convulsion, and insulin shock therapy were popular in the 1930s, these methods gave way to psychotherapy in the 1940s. By the 1950s, doctors favored artificial fever therapy and electroshock therapy. Describing the process of electroshock in 1957, a patient wrote:

        “Patients were generally on [electroshock] treatment twice a week–two days for the women (Mondays and Thursdays) and two days for the men (Tuesdays and Fridays). Promptly at 7:30 treatment patients were rounded up by the cry, ‘Treatment patients git to the door.’ Begging, pleading, crying, and resisting, they were herded into the gymnasium and seated around the edge of the room.

        Between them and the shock treatment table was a long row of screens. The table on the other side of the screen held as much terror for most of these patients as the electric chair in the penitentiaries did for criminals… In order to save time, one or more patients were called behind the screen to sit down and take off their shoes while the patient who had just preceded them was still on the table going through the convulsions that shake the body after the electric shock has knocked them unconscious.

        One attendant stands at the head of the table to put the rubber heel in their mouth so they won’t chew their tongue during the convulsive stage. On either side of the table stand three other attendants to hold them down…The only comforting thing from those times was the sight of some of the quieter and more controlled patients comforting the terror-stricken ones. I can remember many a friendly hand placed on mine–many a comforting shoulder I leaned against while I waited my turn… This has changed somehow now I am glad to say, and treatments are not quite so inhumanely administered–but I hope to see the day when they will be entirely replaced by the new drugs now coming into use as tranquilizers.”


      • Stop being so self-rightious, I corrected ‘Electrocution’ not electroshock.
        You need to stop being so ‘very wrong’ and learn some vocabulary.


      • No they don’t disagree. What are you on about? That’s the definition I use. Re-read your own posts before launching into arrogance.


      • Essiep you are going on and on about what exactly? You stated ‘‘Electrocution’ is death by electric shock.’

        I corrected your definition to include serious injury, which if you ask any patient in any mental hospital in the 50’s if they were seriously injured while being “treated” for mental illness using electroshock… they would say YES.

        Truth is not arrogance. I am not even sure why you commented in the first place, you obviously knew exactly what I was talking about.

        But you did what all atheists do, and tried to appear intellectually superior.


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