My Walk Away From God’s Purpose

Very recently I have stepped off the path of God’s plan for my life and for a few weeks have walked my own path. This involved pursuing worldly interests and ultimately was taking me far away from my one true purpose on Earth, to build the Kingdom of God.

This is not the first time this has happened in my Christian life, but I do pray it is the last. Let me be very honest with you… when I walk my own path away from God, it is shocking how quickly I can revert back to my former self. My anger can rage out of control, my language devolves into nonsense, my time is spent in the world instead of in the Kingdom… and the result? Everything seems to fall apart. The marriage and home life becomes turbulent, work becomes more stressful,  free time is spent on meaningless activities, fellowship with other believers is put on the back burner, church ministry becomes an option, time with God in prayer and meditation becomes sparse. All the while I am being cheered on by the unseen enemy around me, who is laughing it up over the choices I have made.

God never forsakes you

As I continued down this reckless path God never once left my side, in fact He was always there and constantly trying to get my attention. A few days back I received a notification on my phone from my Bible app… it was the verse of the day. The verse that popped up really spoke into my life and the situation I found myself.

At the time my curiosity was peaked, but not enough to really get me to wake up. Flash forward to this morning. When I woke up, I found myself sitting at my computer, looking over the different projects that had taken me on a detour from God… and in that moment a sinking feeling came over me. What was I doing? Where is the purpose in my life? It nearly felt like despair… so I reached for my phone and opened the Bible app, I wanted to read that verse again, but couldn’t remember the citation. So I wondered, could I go back in time and look at previous verses of the day? I could only hope.

As I opened the App, God once again was way ahead of me, and still had that very verse waiting for me from days earlier…

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. – ESV

This is precisely what I needed to hear from God in this moment, and it is no coincidence that God presented it to me when He did. Minutes later I asked my wife to sit with me in the living room, and I asked her… did she think God is involved in the smallest of things… you know like Bible App notifications! She thought the question was odd, so I shared everything with her… and she revealed something to me. The night before she had been in prayer asking God to guide me back on the right path and away from all of my distractions. The night before! We held hands and prayed together, thanking God for never leaving us… as we so easily leave Him sometimes.

Later in the day I phoned my Christian brother Johnny and left him a voicemail asking if he wanted to fellowship. He called back and said it was quite a coincidence that I called when I did, as he was just speaking with God about getting back into fellowship and ministry. Many times what we call coincidence is simply God weaving His plan into our lives.

Did you know God has a purpose for YOUR life?

You may not think about this much, as one day runs into the next and you just find yourself going through the motions of life… but God has a very special position for you in his Earthly Kingdom. Your skills, abilities, gifts and talents were custom designed for it when he stitched you together in your Mother’s womb.

It is my hope you will be encouraged to discover that purpose and if you already know your purpose I pray you spend each day fulfilling it.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall



4 thoughts on “My Walk Away From God’s Purpose

  1. I make it a habit to spend time in prayer over people I come across when I’m searching the WordPress reader. Over the last couple of days or so, I’ve spent some time in intercessory prayer over you and a long list of other individuals. At one point it kept me awake at night. I’m kind of wondering if this is related in some way.


  2. Hi Keith, well you’re not alone, I’ve taken a few detours myself in days gone by and you’re right about God always being there. Over the years I’ve been involved in all kinds of activities, some good and some not so good, but there is one element that cannot be side stepped. Jesus said that without Him we could do nothing. No thing. That’s pretty specific. Make fellowship with Him and His Word your priority and the pieces come together, lose that priority and the pieces fall apart. Sometimes we have to experience the lesson He is trying to teach us, over and over again, until we actually really get it. It’s like porn, you can’t watch porn and have fellowship with the Lord at the same time , it just doesn’t work that way. So you have to make a choice, which one do you value most? It’s a matter of the heart. Grace and blessings my friend.

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