Fellowship Friday #13 Have You Met These Christian Bloggers?

Welcome back to Fellowship Friday, a weekly post on Stand Tall For Christ where I will share four Christian Bloggers with you I have met from around the world. It is my hope by doing this you will discover some of the amazing men and women doing the Lord’s work and spend time in fellowship with them. I want to encourage you to visit their blogs, follow their blogs, comment on their blogs, share their blogs and ultimately grow spiritually from the time you spend with them.

Here are this week’s bloggers:

daily hopeful

Daily Hopeful: “Daily Hopeful is a place where I where I share images, Bible verses, and inspirational quotes that emphasize faith-based hope. As with my other blog, Daily Thankful, I write from a Christian perspective, and hope that this new blog will be a source of blessing and encouragement to any who may read it.”

Lift Him Up

Lift Him Up: “My name is Debra, and I write to acknowledge the name of our merciful and glorious God! In 1997 I heard a sermon preached by Rev. Mark Arnott about God’s gifts to each of us. The message presented offered clear points regarding God’s gifts to us. When we share our gifts they help make a difference in the lives of others. It was on that day in 1997 that I decided to hone in on discovering God’s gifts to me and begin sharing them with others.”

Gracelife Blog

GraceLife Blog: “Mark McGee is a Christian apologist, career journalist, and former atheist. God saved him by grace through faith in Jesus Christ in 1971. Mark became a professional journalist in 1968 and retired in 2009. He worked on the news staff of several radio and television stations and two large metropolitan newspapers. Mark was a reporter, correspondent, anchor, managing editor, executive producer and news director during a four decade career in news.”

Divide the Word Blog

Divide The Word Blog: “DivideTheWord.blog is a cloud-based ministry whose purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world in such a way as to be available to all of God’s children. Free from denominational judgmentalism, free from race, color or creed stipulations. Our Purpose needs to be His Purpose – that we would visit people in their time of distress, be a salt that still has its savor, a light set upon a hill for those lost in the darkness. We cannot and must not silo ourselves into little communes, sects of this denomination or that denomination, all vying to prove who is right, and who is wrong.”

Thank you for taking the time to check out these Christian authors, all doing Kingdom Work in the name of Jesus… AMEN! Check back here every Friday for another installment of Fellowship Friday with all new bloggers from around the world.


Want to submit your blog to be featured in a future edition of Fellowship Friday? Or maybe you are familiar with a blog that deserves to get noticed? Send me the information below… I do not promise to feature every site I review… but I sure do love to meet new Christian bloggers!


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