Get Out To Vote!

This morning early voting opened in Nevada and I arrived at my local polling station, excited to cast my vote. Two things became apparent very quickly… first the line grew fast snaking it’s way through the store. Second the diversity of the voters was amazing, young and old along with many different races and ethnic groups present.

Democracy in action, it is a beautiful thing. No matter what side of the political spectrum you find yourself, it is my hope you exercise your right to vote. Don’t take it for granted, you might be amazed to know how few countries in the world actually have a truly democratic election system. If you are an American you are very lucky to live under the freedoms our great nation provides. Show your gratitude by casting your vote. Fulfill your civic duty by casting your vote.

If you are a Christian in America reading this, understand how very important the mid-term elections are… if Democrats seize control of the House or Senate they will effectively shut President Trump’s agenda down. We cannot allow that to happen. He has made great strides in his short time in office, but there is much more work to do.

You may not like him as a person, or his attitude or his tweets… but as a Christian you should be very happy with his policies. We have seen what eight years under Democratic rule looks like and for many of us, we wish we could turn back the clock and undo the insanity that Obama and the Social Justice Warriors have unleashed.

Unfortunately we cannot go back in time, but we can fuel the future and support President Trump for another six years. We can help him Make America Great Again.

Comment below if you exercised your right to vote.


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