The Journey: Day 20 – The Ups and Downs

The biggest question I am asked of people who know about my Journey into veganism is are you still vegan? My reply is, yes of course. Just not 100% of the time. To be honest with you, I want and NEED to be honest, this is the toughest change I have ever made in my life. I haven’t been keeping a diary of my food intake, but I can say at least 5 times in the past 15 days I have eaten dairy and/or chicken.

Writing about this now, I am trying to decide if I made those choices out of weakness or perhaps my addiction got the better of me. The worst of it was one trip to Zabbas where I ordered a chicken burrito with EXTRA chicken, cheese and sour cream. It tasted SOOOO good going down, but afterwards the guilt set in. Other times I have chosen to eat dairy/chicken include a couple of trips to Taco Bell for grilled chicken tacos with cheese and bean burritos.

While it is important to report on areas of weakness I also want to share the success I have achieved. In the past 20 days I have not had ONE slice of pizza, zero soda, zero ice cream, zero chips, zero burgers… in fact I would estimate about 85% of the food I have consumed is either pure vegan or pretty darn close. In fact I was able to make one dish from scratch: whole wheat pasta with natural spaghetti sauce, mushrooms, onions and peppers that tasted AMAZING. It is very cheap, takes about 12 minutes to construct and is very filling. Now I just need to find and add a few more vegan recipes to my arsenal.

This is where I can use your help!

Do you have an amazing vegan recipe you would like to share with me? If so, post it in the comments below and I will give it a whirl. I am not a big fan of TOFU so hopefully you can avoid posting recipes with TOFU.

Lastly I want to talk about my exercise routine, which for 16 of the 20 days was 20 minutes on the elliptical machine. Early on I missed one day, then the last three days I have completely slacked. Tomorrow is my day off and I WILL get back on the horse.

When I started I was 330 lbs and I do not plan to weigh myself again until November 4th. What I can report is that my clothing feels looser and people are noticing a change. So things are progressing in the right direction.

Sometimes I just want to give up this whole thing and go back to eating meat and dairy, but what my food addiction never counted on was my long history of pornography addiction. When you gain control over an addiction, you begin to learn how you respond in certain circumstances… and this desire to run back to meat is no different than the desire to look at other women with lust. My flesh is being starved of the things it loves and it is not happy about it.

I will never allow my flesh to rule my life ever again.

Want to read more about My Journey? This is where it all began…


One thought on “The Journey: Day 20 – The Ups and Downs

  1. Hey Keith!

    Sounds like you are doing great! I was going to tell you in the beginning of it that going straight vegan right off the bat could be hard on your body. It’s good to have lean protein! Fish and chicken are great! I eat free range bison, free range chickens, and wild Alaskan Halibut. If you go cold turkey and jump right into vegan, your body will detox itself. I know because I went through it when I was forced to change my diet with Celiac. When it is your choice & not a disease, it is better to ease into it.

    I am praying for you brother! You are rockin’ it out! God bless you & your fam!

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