Watch this Movie Before it is Banned!

Today I was at work, and while on a break, was watching YouTube videos on my phone. The channel was Apologia Studios and the video was of Pastor Jeff Durbin ministering outside an abortion clinic. My wife called me and stated there was a movie we had to watch TONIGHT. She continued and stated that she was watching one of her YouTube channels, and they talked about a movie called Gosnell that was being banned around the country.

She asked if I had heard of a guy named Gosnell, and I remembered the story from years ago about an abortion doctor who went to prison for murder. She then revealed she was also watching Apologia Studios and felt that we really needed to see this movie (more on that later).

So at 8PM we went to see Gosnell. Now I have followed the pro-life, pro-choice debate for years and have written about it here before, but nothing really prepares you for the reality we live in… that is on full display with this film. The leftist media is painting this movie as a “right-wing” propaganda piece… and trying to convince everyone that Gosnell was an isolated case or WORSE; that if abortion is restricted or made illegal, then MORE Gosnell clinics will be forced to open their doors.

Let me restate my title for this article: Watch this Movie Before it is Banned!

Even though audiences have been shown to rate this movie highly (98% Audience score on Rotten Tomatoes) many smaller theaters are dropping it. In our neck of the woods it was playing at several theaters just a few days ago, and now it’s down to just two.

There is massive, powerful, political machine at work in this country fighting to keep abortion-on-demand available to anyone who wants one and the body count left in the wake of this machine is staggering.

Since Roe Vs. Wade in 1973 we have aborted over 60 MILLION BABIES in America. Just to put that in perspective we currently have 325 Million people living in America, meaning we have killed over 18% of that number in the womb.

Let that information soak in for a minute. Now realize that we have a society, the most advanced in the world, that grinds along feigning moral outrage over ridiculous ideas like “gender fluidity” while baby killing factories are hard at work, right out in the open. What I find most ironic is that the “left” consistently paints the “right” as Nazis… while their platform and agenda is worse than every Nazi concentration camp combined… and not just a little worse… VASTLY worse.

It is estimated that Nazis murdered 6 Million Jews right out in the open, business as usual… for the betterment of a white world. We are worse. Not just in the number of innocent people we have killed, but in the laid back attitude we have taken while it happens, every day, every hour.

God’s Plan and Timing

Early I was sharing about how my wife was watching a video from the same YouTube channel I was watching, at the exact same time. After going to see this movie, I have no doubt that God wanted us in that theater. Now I have to ask myself, for what purpose? It is now after midnight and my eyes are heavy and I just want to keep writing.

God has spoken to me tonight, and I realize I can no longer sit on the sidelines as God’s children are murdered by the millions, I have to fight for what is right. It is my hope and prayer that you will find this movie and watch it! If you are already pro-life, it will make you wonder what you can do right now to fight for the unborn, if you are pro-choice it just might make you rethink your position and value a life over a woman’s right to choose. Either way, I hope you watch it and see for yourself.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall,

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