The Reality of Abortion. GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING!

This article is not for the feint of heart, in fact this is not an article I would have even written just a week ago. This article is going to contain VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES of abortion at different stages of development. The purpose of this article is to educate people on the very gruesome nature of modern abortion in America and to shine a bright light on the dark underbelly of this industry.

The talking points made by pro-choice activists are simple… a fetus is not human, only a clump of tissue. It is the woman’s body and she has the right to make any decision she chooses with it.



To illustrate the ridiculous notion that a fetus is not a human there are three groups of photos below, all photos taken after an abortion procedure. The photos represent 4 stages of development: 8 weeks, 9 weeks, 10 weeks and 22 weeks.

The images are made available from They are the copyright holder and these images have been posted here with their permission.

All of these abortions, except the last four, are perfectly legal in all 50 states. The last four (22-24 weeks) are legal in over 16 states. How many children are dismembered and ripped from their mother’s womb because they would be a financial burden? How many have chemicals injected into their hearts to kill them because they were “unplanned”?

What will it take to stop the bloodshed in our country? When will we all WAKE UP to what is really happening right in front of us? When will enough be enough?

If you are fed up and want to do something, here are some resources and organizations that can use your help:

30 thoughts on “The Reality of Abortion. GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING!

  1. Are there really people who are surprised that a fetus looks like a human? What the hell do you people think it looks like, a unicorn? Jesus christ stop making everything about your coddled little feelings for once.


      1. A three week fertilized egg does not have the ability to suffer.
        Advocating for forced birth is completely sick and dishonest, especially given that the vast, VAST majority of abortion occurs in the first few weeks.


      2. I would definitely not lose my mind over aborted fertilized dog eggs, but nice try, lol.

        In fact I take HUGE issue with people breeding animals or allowing animals in their care to breed.

        The fact that we can legally abort up to 24 weeks in some places does not discredit the fact that the vast majority of abortion happens in the first few weeks.

        Now, with that said, would I advocate to changing the cutoff to the 18/20 week mark, to assure that no pain receptors or brains develop? Sure, of course I would, that makes sense given my stance against causing avoidable suffering.

        But frankly Keith, one million abortions per year is not enough, (assuming that they were all done early enough to avoid inflicting suffering).
        We are breeding at an ASTOUNDING rate, there is no justification or excuse to continue breeding while SO, SO many babies and children live in orphan care/foster care/poverty/squalor.


      3. Amanda, are you really going to population control as an argument for genocide? If population control is so important to you, are you willing to line up your entire family and allow them to be killed to further the human race?

        That’s your point right? Murdering millions of people is GOOD for population control? The same exact reasoning that was used to exterminate Jews.

        Are we better than that?

        It makes so much sense now, that abortions are so much more prominent in poor neighborhoods, so not only can we control the population, we can stop these disgusting poor people from procreating.


      4. I have never used population control on it’s own to argue abortion, because the early term argument stands on it’s own. If the fertilized egg is early enough in gestation that it wont cause suffering to abort it, then there is no moral argument beyond that. “Human species though” and “living thing though” do not hold up to this position, because they are based on arbitrary religious/spiritual ideas of souls/creator intent.

        In addition, I have never advocated for genocide. If anything I am AGAINST genocide given that I speak up against the holocaust that currently ends hundreds of billions of lives each year for “food” products.

        The term “murdering” implies that it is unethical killing, which it is not. Killing plants where necessary is not murder, nor is preventing gestation of an egg.

        Why would you mock the notion of preventing the poor from breeding ? I can’t imagine an argument FOR financially unstable people to breed. That’s the kind of irresponsible choice we need to educate people from making.


      5. “Preventing poor people from breeding” do you even hear yourself? You want to live in a fascist state? This doesn’t surprise me, liberals are all about taking away EVERYONE else’s rights until it affects them.

        The standard for human LIFE in society has always been a beating heart. This is how we pronounce people alive or dead.

        Do you know when a baby’s heart first beats? THREE WEEKS. A long needle is inserted into the womb, into the child’s heart and poison is injected to stop the heart from beating.

        This is unethical on EVERY level. Murder is accurate.


      6. Ok you’re getting really crazy, slow down and read everything I say carefully before responding.

        I said EDUCATE people from making the choice to breed, poor and not poor; I never said to legally prohibit the right to breed.

        I have also never said that a fertilized egg is not a “life”/living. The issue is not whether it is alive or not, of course it is human and of course it’s alive.

        The fact that early term fetuses can not suffer or have conscious awareness or experience pain/feeling is what makes early term abortion ethical.
        It is equally as unethical to abort a three week fetus as it is to pick a flower and let it die.


      7. Herein lies the problem, you have no value of human life. If only you valued human life at 10% of the rate of puppies and kittens… you would be singing a different tune.

        As to me not reading your post.. this is what you just posted: “Why would you mock the notion of preventing the poor from breeding?”

        PREVENTING the poor from breeding. Your words. That statement does not imply education, it implies FORCE.

        Maybe you should choose your words more wisely.


      8. You don’t find it a bit strange that you’re consistently attacking me personally yet I’m attacking your ideas/view?

        Do you mind sharing what makes you think I “value” puppies/kittens lives, and what exactly you mean by value?
        I already said that I have no problem with aborting early term animal fetuses, not sure what you were getting at with that one.

        What I originally said, if you read the whole comment which you’re referring to, is to educate the poor.

        Education is a means of preventative measure.

        In addition to abortion I obviously also advocate for more accessible and affordable (though not taxpayer funded) vasectomies/tubal ligations, higher quality/more appropriate sex education, and most importantly UN-INCENTIVISED BIRTH. Birth incentive is perhaps the worst philosophy the democratic party has drummed up in my opinion and they’ve done it in order to keep low income/black/hispanic families dependant on welfare and voting the Dems in power. People are individuals and they should not have to spend their lives impregnating their wives and working their absolute asses off to barely afford raise the brood of children they pumped out because of a weak socialist economy and flawed policy.

        Early term abortion IS an ethical solution to the collective low quality of life that high birth/fertility rates contribute to, though it’s one of many solutions as I mentioned.


      9. But that’s just another throw away personal attack that has nothing to do with my argument against your position which you published a piece about to begin with.

        According to the current law, you are categorically false in your claim that every human life has a right to live.

        As you said yourself, a million of them are aborted each year…So that’s difficult lol but keeping on point –

        The “human” species favoring thing is not represented by any logical argument or legitimate group aside from religious and spiritually fanatic pro “life” people.

        Hundreds of billions of animals are suffocated, gassed, stabbed/throat slit and bled out, forcibly impregnated, molested for their sperm, molested for their breast milk, need I go on?

        Suffering, needless suffering at the hands of humans, is very real, and it exists heavily in this world.
        But it does not involve early term abortion.

        Take the plethora of girls and women in Islamic countries for example who are by and large forced to give birth against their will. That practice is justified by religion. Their religious state says “because God said so” and forces girls and women to remain pregnant and stuck pushing babies out of their vaginas like little Godly slaves.

        Is that the kind of country you’d like to live in? Because if so there are still plenty of them, though they are all failing due to their barbaric ideologies and dysfunctional ways of life.


  2. ColorStorm says:
    November 5, 2018 at 2:21 am (Edit)

    It is truly distressing that we as a society have degraded life to the point that fetuses are no more viable than fast food wrappers and bags, only to be thrown away.
    You are right, people have more respect for goldfish and pets. People for the ETHICAL treatment of animals would be up in arms if unborn puppies would be taken out to the curb for trash pickup.

    The righteous ‘tend to life,’ and this includes that life which is not yet, but is. Tell any pregnant mother with common sense that her womb does not carry her young. Tell her that the kicking she feels is simply a mindless electrical impulse like a speed bump on the highway.

    A sign of the times that we are even having this discussion. It appears that a miscarriage is nature’s way of aborting a problem; but to purposefully cause something even worse, is a travesty and a miscarriage of justice.


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    1. The “human life” obsession is clouding the “pro life” folks (who still find a roundabout way to justify needlessly consuming the body parts, breast milk, and period eggs of slaves) from being able to discuss the real issues.

      It is not about respect for human life, that an arbitrarily spiritual obsession that people cling to when you confront them with the fact that EARLY TERM fetuses are no more able to have conscious awareness or suffer pain or feel anything than a blade of grass is.

      “Facts do not care about your feelings” (conservative Republican commentator Ben Shapiro – yes I’m aware he’s a pro life Jew, the quote is still pertinent.)

      Your comparison of unwanted early term fertilized eggs to fast food wrappers is kindergarten at best; Implying that it is unethical to dispose of aborted eggs because it hurts your little feelings to think about it, is childish, and most importantly it is not an argument against early term abortion.

      Claiming it’s a “respect for human life” issue is not accurate, that doesn’t even mean anything. The issue is whether or not it is ethical to abort the fetus early term, and that should be based on whether or not it can suffer (spolier: it can’t.)

      The problem with the religious/spiritual human life obsession is that it is the number one driving force behind our constantly growing, OBSCENELY massive overpopulation problem.
      The human species is one single species out of hundreds of millions of species. It is not special or unique in any way that a person ejaculating inside another person’s vagina usually impregnates them.

      Any person who would look at a girl in the face who has been pregnant for a week and a half and say “You should legally have to remain pregnant for nine months, arrange and pay for hospital visits for the next year, grow an unwanted fetus inside yourself, give birth and hope it goes well, and then deal with the baby however you can.”, is a danger to society.

      Forced birth will NEVER be part of US legislation, never ever again. That is a sick part of history that the majority (more than 40% support abortion) will no longer tolerate.


      1. Obsession?
        From your commentary, it appears you have ice in your veins instead of blood.
        Comparing human life with a blade of grass makes you appear as Dopey, with apologies to the little dwarf.
        Human life is not ‘special’ eh? You may want to take that up with the Creator, who made man in HIS image; it is man who makes hay, the hay does not make man.
        Only in the backward immoral world of the godless does depravity make sense.

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      2. You clearly did not even read my comment, none of that besides the word “obsession” is in response to anything I just said to you.


      3. More personal attacks and throw away comments.

        For someone so convicted about such a serious matter you haven’t tried to defend your position at all. Why join the conversation and put your opinions out there if you’re just going to copout with insults rather than make an actual argument?

        People who actually know what they’re talking about and who actually care about it don’t have to make personal attacks, they just make their point.

        All you have is meaningless attempts at insults because there is no justification for the position you hold on the matter.


      4. Amanda, why do you take such a moral high ground on my blog, when your own blog is filled with nothing but personal attacks against Christians and their beliefs?

        In fact you just posted that Christians are either 1) Not really Christians or 2) Complete Lunatics.

        Then you come on here and look down your nose at others who don’t put up with your nonsense?

        Your language is incendiary (as you know) your tone is condescending and your lack of empathy towards the unborn is outrageous. It is no wonder you are getting the reactions you read here.


      5. That is literally just another personal attack that has not a THING to do with this conversation.

        If you really know and care about the topic then you wouldn’t need to personally insult the person who opposes your view.

        Someone disagreeing with your position on moral issues is not them “taking the moral high ground”, that’s just another copout from having to defend your position in a real conversation.

        Respond to my points with some valid points, come on make this exciting at least. Insults and attacks in a conversational debate are for moody children.


      6. I have said enough ma’am. If you take my commentary as insulting, put your tongue back in your mouth where it belongs.

        But perhaps that image is simply indicative of the mouth moving without engaging the brain.

        They who traffic in human parts and the insidious depravity such as justifying abortion have no intellectual standing in a world of morality. Congratulations for siding with monsters.


      7. You literally just said nothing to defend your position, just more fluffy fill in words about your little feelings getting “insulted”.

        Calling people who disagree with you names like “monsters” does not give credit to your position or discredit their position.

        You literally have no position, lol, it’s just “I’M INSULTED, YOU’RE A MONSTER, I’M RUNNING AWAY NOW”

        If you’re going to stick your nose in the conversation, especially on such a serious issue, then have something relevant, on topic, and of value to say about it.
        “MY FEELINGS!” is not cutting it.


      8. My Feelings? Amanda, you are clueless.

        God and His word about nature, life, humanity, and scripture have never lost a single argument.

        And if you want to be taken seriously, I suggest you change you picture. A picture is worth a thousand words; says far more than your comments.

        If you take this as an insult, please grow up.


      9. Amanda your basis of equating level of suffering with ethics is completely arbitrary and meaningless.

        Imagine I could administer a tablet to all of the starving, abused, unwanted, unloved… or whatever UNness you want to assign to the children of the world. After which they would fall asleep and painlessly die without suffering.

        In your equation, no ethical boundary has been breached. No suffering, no problem.

        That’s completely preposterous.

        The truth is simple, HUMAN life is unique, and a fetus is simply another stage of human development, just like adolescence or infancy. This doesn’t make that stage of life any less necessary, important or valuable,

        Case Closed.

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      10. But Keith it is the “human life” loophole that establishes the arbitrary approach to ethics that religious minded people take to begin with;
        The reason that we don’t steal from one another is not because we are the human species and therefore special and deserving of being treated nicely, it is because it causes suffering and is therefore a violation of ethics.

        It is the “human life is special because God” philosophy that also allows us to perceive a recently fertilized egg as worthy of rights and all members of other species (save cats & dogs for some odd reason) as fit for slavery & early death by slaughter.

        The reason that suffering – of any conscious beings – is the basis for assessing the ethicality of a practice is because without some bit of suffering in some way then there is no negative consequences of the practice (ie, stealing causes suffering and is avoidable in society so it is therefore wrong; stabbing pigs causes suffering and is unnecessary and avoidable in society so it is therefore wrong, etc).

        Imagined religious/spiritual consequences of abortion such as afterlives/”hell” and whatever else comes from religious dogma does not stand up as an argument because your religion of choice does not apply to the law in secular nations. United States citizens are free from all religious ideology unless they choose otherwise, which is why I always seek (but never find) an argument against abortion that doesn’t involve the “human life” fallacy.

        The euthanizing children analogy is completely unsound because you are obsessing over the suffering thing- yes, suffering is a component of assessing ethicality, but developed and born people have the ABILITY to suffer as compared to early term fetuses that can’t experience anything.
        You don’t see anything dishonest about comparing someone’s three week fertilized period egg with someone’s child who has been born and living for any amount of time? That is an extremely ignorant comparison and it has nothing to do with the real matter.

        It is not a real argument, its the same thing as saying “well if you were stranded on an island would you eat animals?” Obviously that scenario is an easy, convenient one to try and combat veganism with, though it’s entirely idiotic and irrelevant since it was made up from thin air to support a weak argument (kind of like your analogy of early term abortion to child euthanasia).

        “Human life is unique”

        All species are unique from all other species ; So do you mind providing what specifically about human “uniqueness” you think justifies forced birth on girls and women? Or in other words justifies your stance against early term abortion?


      11. You see what you did there Amanda? You proclaim that “because without some bit of suffering in some way then there is no negative consequences of the practice”

        No negative consequences??? REALLY? You are ENDING the child’s life… or for some reason you wish to convince yourself it is not really alive (even though his/her heart is beating), you are then taking away their opportunity to grow up and experience life

        Every single argument you have made thus far is based on selfishness and ignorance.

        Selfishness: You think too many people exist, so children should be killed so we have more Earth to have all to ourselves. You do understand we have enough food in New York to feed all the starving children in Africa right? We don’t have a planet with resources that are running dry, we have a planet of people that are selfish and don’t care that children are starving in Africa.

        Ignorance: You believe children in extreme or even moderate hardships would be better off if they were never even born. Down Syndrome? Better off not born. Poor parents? Better off not born. Unloved? Better off not born. And your list goes on and on and on. Yet millions of kids even in America are born with poor parents, countless are unloved, who knows how many have down syndrome… and if you ask them, I am VERY CONFIDENT they would be extremely grateful to be alive.

        So stop assuming you know what is best for the human race, and what is best for an unborn child (even destined for the foster care system) when YOUR BEST is their death.


  3. Thanks so much for sharing. it’s craziness that we can abort babies this size as well as have neonatal units that rescue babies miscarried at this size! I also find it interesting that the number of babies aborted in a year is the same as the number of people waiting to adopt babies each year!!!


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