My name is Keith Mosher and I am the founder and primary contributor to Stand Tall for Christ. It may surprise you to hear this, but I was an Agnostic until the age of 35. Growing up we had a family Bible in the home that collected dust and my Mother did take me to church a few times in my youth… not that I remember these times, but I have uncovered an old family photo that left a clue…

Yes, that’s me with Beatles Haircut, plaid jacket and HUGE Cross around my neck! This would have been taken circa 1978 or so. Talk about foreshadowing LOL

As I entered my late teens and early adult years I embraced what Science had to say on the subject of how we got here (on Earth that is)… the Bible seemed to be a collection of fairy tales that couldn’t possibly be true. None of it made any sense… when I opened a Bible it was all nonsense. The more I learned about Science the more I considered “religious” people to be ignorant and foolish, thinking they needed a crutch to get through life.

In 1997, at the age of 25, my life took a new path as I met my future wife in an online movie chat room. She lived in California at the time and I was thousands of miles away in Ohio. She was raised in a Southern Baptist family and became a Christian at a very young age. We quickly fell in love and in 1999 I quit my job, packed up my belongings and moved across the country to be with my love.

Several years later we relocated to Las Vegas and my wife wanted to find a church she could call home. I told her I would go to church with her but never thought in a million years God would reveal himself to me. That day, at the age of 35, sitting in that church with my wife, God DID reveal Himself in a very supernatural way. One that I could not deny, and I left that church KNOWING the ONE TRUE God… and His name is Jesus Christ.

[ I wrote a more detailed account of that incredible day here ]

Flash forward 10 years and God is working all around me and I am very blessed and filled with the Joy of my Salvation (Psalm 51:12). Today I serve at my local church as a Men’s Group Leader and Safety Team Leader.


Praying Before Service

Life Springs Safety Team praying before service. From Left: Kellon, Mike, Lynn, Me and Larry.

This blog was something I started years ago, as God placed it on my heart to study Christian Apologetics which I absolutely LOVE. More recently I have been called into a Ministry of Helping other Christians discover their true identity in Jesus Christ. Showing them it is possible to walk free of spiritual bondage no matter what form it takes (drug addiction, alcohol, gambling, pornography or habitual sin as examples).

When Jesus Christ laid himself down on that cross he bore the punishment for all of our sins past, present and future. In God’s eyes we are made righteous and need no longer live under the burden of guilt and condemnation over our past. This revelation has changed my life and God has shown me what life is like when we walk in VICTORY.

This is what I desperately want to share with the world.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall