My Walk Away From God’s Purpose

Very recently I have stepped off the path of God’s plan for my life and for a few weeks have walked my own path. This involved pursuing worldly interests and ultimately was taking me far away from my one true purpose on Earth, to build the Kingdom of God.

This is not the first time this has happened in my Christian life, but I do pray it is the last. Let me be very honest with you… when I walk my own path away from God, it is shocking how quickly I can revert back to my former self. My anger can rage out of control, my language devolves into nonsense, my time is spent in the world instead of in the Kingdom… and the result? Everything seems to fall apart. The marriage and home life becomes turbulent, work becomes more stressful,  free time is spent on meaningless activities, fellowship with other believers is put on the back burner, church ministry becomes an option, time with God in prayer and meditation becomes sparse. All the while I am being cheered on by the unseen enemy around me, who is laughing it up over the choices I have made.

God never forsakes you

As I continued down this reckless path God never once left my side, in fact He was always there and constantly trying to get my attention. A few days back I received a notification on my phone from my Bible app… it was the verse of the day. The verse that popped up really spoke into my life and the situation I found myself.

At the time my curiosity was peaked, but not enough to really get me to wake up. Flash forward to this morning. When I woke up, I found myself sitting at my computer, looking over the different projects that had taken me on a detour from God… and in that moment a sinking feeling came over me. What was I doing? Where is the purpose in my life? It nearly felt like despair… so I reached for my phone and opened the Bible app, I wanted to read that verse again, but couldn’t remember the citation. So I wondered, could I go back in time and look at previous verses of the day? I could only hope.

As I opened the App, God once again was way ahead of me, and still had that very verse waiting for me from days earlier…

Proverbs 19:21 Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand. – ESV

This is precisely what I needed to hear from God in this moment, and it is no coincidence that God presented it to me when He did. Minutes later I asked my wife to sit with me in the living room, and I asked her… did she think God is involved in the smallest of things… you know like Bible App notifications! She thought the question was odd, so I shared everything with her… and she revealed something to me. The night before she had been in prayer asking God to guide me back on the right path and away from all of my distractions. The night before! We held hands and prayed together, thanking God for never leaving us… as we so easily leave Him sometimes.

Later in the day I phoned my Christian brother Johnny and left him a voicemail asking if he wanted to fellowship. He called back and said it was quite a coincidence that I called when I did, as he was just speaking with God about getting back into fellowship and ministry. Many times what we call coincidence is simply God weaving His plan into our lives.

Did you know God has a purpose for YOUR life?

You may not think about this much, as one day runs into the next and you just find yourself going through the motions of life… but God has a very special position for you in his Earthly Kingdom. Your skills, abilities, gifts and talents were custom designed for it when he stitched you together in your Mother’s womb.

It is my hope you will be encouraged to discover that purpose and if you already know your purpose I pray you spend each day fulfilling it.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall




Fellowship Friday #10 Have You Met These Christian Bloggers?

Welcome back to Fellowship Friday, a new weekly post on Stand Tall For Christ where I will share 4 Christian Bloggers with you I have met from around the world. It is my hope by doing this you will discover some of the amazing men and women doing the Lord’s work and spend time in fellowship with them. I want to encourage you to visit their blogs, follow their blogs, comment on their blogs, share their blogs and ultimately grow spiritually from the time you spend with them.

Here are this week’s bloggers:


SizzMindTalkz: “I am a daughter of the one true King “ABBA Father I call Him”, who is not moved by the world. For my God is with me and goes before me. I do not fear because I am His.”

The Anesi Igebu

The Anesi Igebu: “I Have A Garden. It’s a little garden really, small flowers, different colours. I plant and water my flowers with the strength of Christ. Perhaps, one day, they’ll grow and people from all over would have a look at them.
Phillipians 4:13 ❤

I really enjoy writing and I’m using this forum to talk about Christ and hopefully, bring more people to Him, encouraging them all the way. Feel free to message me, my social media handles and mail are on the Contact Page!”

Faithful Echoes

Faithful Echoes: “After getting saved when I was 22  I began to study the Bible for the first time. Along with my personal study I regularly heard it taught and preached at church. It changed my life! I knew then I had to share it with others. The purpose of this site is to use the Bible to help & encourage the believer, the unbeliever and those who may be confused about what to believe. ”

Let Us Reason Together

Let Us Reason Together: “Our mission is to spread the everlasting gospel, uplift Christ and him crucified, defend the character of our Lord, and expose the deceptions of Satan. It is also our firm belief that we are on the verge of the last days of this earth’s history, at the very ‘borders of eternity’ if you will, and therefore we feel it is our duty to give a warning message to the world concerning the coming crisis. It is our prayer that you may come to know Christ through these writings, and that you may be blessed and encouraged.”

Thank you for taking the time to check out these Christian authors, all doing Kingdom Work in the name of Jesus… AMEN! Check back here every Friday for another installment of Fellowship Friday with all new bloggers from around the world.


Want to submit your blog to be featured in a future edition of Fellowship Friday? Or maybe you are familiar with a blog that deserves to get noticed? Send me the information below… I do not promise to feature every site I review… but I sure do love to meet new Christian bloggers..


Atheists On The Attack, Again.

Even though, according to PEW Research Atheists make up a tiny 3.1% of the American population, they tend to make a lot of noise… and many times the group that makes the most noise gets heard. When I was making my rounds online today I found the following news story about an Air Force Brigadier General John Teichert, coming under fire by an Atheist organization for running a personal website calling people to Pray At Lunch for their Nation. Here is a snippet with a link to the full article at the L.A. Times…

Religious website triggers complaint against Edwards Air Force Base brigadier general

On Sunday, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation made an official demand to Defense Secretary James N. Mattis to “immediately and comprehensively” investigate Air Force Brig. Gen. E. John Teichert. The foundation, which seeks to maintain the separation of church and state in the military, provided reporters with a copy of the demand on Monday.

At issue is Teichert’s website, called “Prayer at Lunchtime for the United States,” in which the commander says he encourages “Bible-believing Americans to take time to specifically pray for our nation at lunchtime every day.”

By Sara Parvini of the L.A. Times > Read Full Article Here

plus for lunch

After reading this article and later discovering that some of these people want to see the General thrown in jail for his “crimes against humanity”… I mean for posting Christian ideas and information on a website, I decided to visit this offensive piece of virtual real estate to see what everyone was so worked up over (his website is pictured above with link).

It appears General Teichert not only has the unmitigated gall to actually post HOLY SCRIPTURE on his personal website, he goes much further… by actually asking for PRAYER REQUESTS!!!! Throw him in jail and toss away the keys!!!!! If you want further proof of his crimes,  I present to you a video where he shows his true colors…

Can you believe the nerve of this guy? AFTER he asks us to PRAY for our Nation he even resorts to saying Merry Christmas at the end of this video! Disgusting.

While I did try to insert a bucket load of sarcasm into this report, the truth is simple… Atheism is on the rise and they are getting very organized and very well funded. They will tell people all day long that Christians are intolerant bigots, who should be silenced at every turn. Yet every time we see Atheism in the news, it is another blatant showcase of intolerance… as lawsuit after lawsuit is being filed to remove all remnants of God from the public square.

So how do we approach Atheists?

For most Christians the most effective method of reaching an Atheist is with prayer. If you have a family member, friend or co-worker who claims to be an Atheist, stay in prayer over them.

You can obviously try to share your faith with an Atheist, but make sure you know how to defend your faith. Most Atheists come from a religious upbringing or background, and many of them are skilled at using common tactics and talking points against unknowing/unprepared Christians. If you monitor the comments section of this article I am sure you will see them on full display very soon.

Another way to reach Atheists (and this one is TOUGH for me) is to live your life as Jesus would and let the Gospel shine THROUGH you. Have you ever met someone, that you just knew was a Christian without actually knowing the person at all? They just live a life of pure love, joy and peace no matter what life throws at them?

Well that’s not me! But I am a work in progress. If you can live that life, and draw closer to Christ people are going to ask questions… why are you so happy all the time? And when they ask, you share.

But aside from reaching the lost, which should be the most important aspect of our time here on Earth, we also have to STAND as Christians and defend our faith. We should stand shoulder to shoulder with other Christians facing persecution and show them they are not alone. So if you are a Christian, will you take the time right now to visit Brig. Gen. Teichert’s website, facebook and twitter and show him some love and support?



If you are feeling EXTRA supportive you could even go so far as to write President Donald Trump a letter expressing your thoughts on this matter.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall



The Enemy No Longer Hidden

Ralliers urge spot at Arkansas Capitol for Satanic Temple’s 7½-foot-tall Baphomet statue 

Event backing satanic statue at Capitol draws protesters
by Maggie McNeary via

Scores of people attended a rally held by the Satanic Temple on Thursday in Little Rock that featured the group’s 7½-foot-tall Baphomet statue.

The event was planned by the Satanic Temple and Satanic Arkansas — which is not affiliated with the national organization — and took about two months to put together, organizer Ivy Forrester said. Forrester, like several at the rally, gave a pseudonym instead of her real name…. Read Full Article Here

Make no mistake about it my friends, the time has come in America when Satan can finally work right out in the open and we should be very concerned. Not for us, as we know the enemy can do us no harm (Luke 10:19), and God will soon crush Satan under our feet (Romans 16:20). No we should be very concerned for all of the lost souls the enemy is luring down into the pits of Hell. Let’s face it, the pathway to Hell is enticing, filled with seductive pleasures, fame and fortune, debauchery and the total freedom to indulge in any or all of the deadly pleasures this world offers.

And countless will be enticed. Countless walk freely and excitedly down this dark path as I write this and the time is short to reach them for Christ.

There was a time not long ago, when Satan was forced to work in the shadows, hidden in America behind drug addictions, mental illnesses and false religions. But in a push to accept everyone and all ideas, and in a society built on the principles of free speech and freedom of religious expression we have inadvertently created the perfect platform for Satan to reach a wide audience… all without having to hide or pretend. He can just be himself and masses will be waiting with open arms.

There is so much on the horizon, so many Biblical prophecies unfolding right before our very eyes… time is short my friends. This might seem exciting to some who welcome the Second Coming of our King, but this is also a time that has emboldened our enemy and his minions. The war is real, the war is raging and we have a job to do. We can start right now, we can go in prayer and fight with our greatest weapon, the name of Jesus Christ.

We can pray for our Nation, pray for the world, pray for the lost and even pray for the followers of our enemy Satan, that their hearts will be softened to the truth of the Gospel. Pray for our friends, families, church members and co-workers. Pray, Pray, PRAY!

Stay Strong & Stand Tall


Fellowship Friday #9 Have You Met These Christian Bloggers?

Welcome back to Fellowship Friday, a new weekly post on Stand Tall For Christ where I will share 4 Christian Bloggers with you I have met from around the world. It is my hope by doing this you will discover some of the amazing men and women doing the Lord’s work and spend time in fellowship with them. I want to encourage you to visit their blogs, follow their blogs, comment on their blogs, share their blogs and ultimately grow spiritually from the time you spend with them.

Here are this week’s bloggers:

Joseph Walks Daily With Jesus

Joseph Walks Daily With Jesus: “After faithfully serving the Lord in China for ten years as a teacher I have been called home to care for my aged mother who has numerous disabilities. As well I regularly do volunteer work visiting seniors in a seniors home. I love being in nature. I say the closer we get to nature the more we see Jehovah. We are blessed in this area with many amazing, easy to ride bicycle trails on old railroad lines that takes us all over Southern Ontario.”

Adventures in Grace

Adventures In Grace: “Hi, I’m Liz!  I’m a wife, a mom to three grown young women and a keeper of a house full of pets.  We live in Lexington, KY, USA, which is the heart of the Bluegrass region and horse capital of the world.   Since 2001, I have been a follower of Christ.  Sometimes my following has been at a walk, occasionally at a run, and often I have stumbled along the way.  The best thing is that this adventure is covered in His grace!  I hope that you’ll follow along and share with me what you’re learning in your walk with Him as well.  You can also follow me on Twitter at @AdventuresInGr1.  Thank you for letting me share my journey with you!”

One Mans Journey of Redemption

One Man’s Journey of Redemption: “From a completely broken and fully surrendered heart, on January 3, 2011, by a stream in the forest at a campground near Big Sur, California my life was transformed in the blink of an eye. As I cried out to Jesus and let go of my life unbeknownst to me He immediately went to work. My passion since my rebirth has become the total deconstruction of all that I believed was true and rebuilding my life on the foundational truths of Christ found within His Word and with the encouragement and convictions of the Holy Spirit within.”

In my Fathers House

In My Father’s House: “My name is Mel Wild. I’m God’s favorite (and so are you), a beloved son and a father, happily married to the same beautiful woman for 36 years. Maureen and I have three incredible adult children. My passion is pursuing the Father’s heart in Christ and giving it away to others. I do tend to have a bent toward being a bit iconoclastic toward popularly held beliefs in Churchianity that really annoy me and contradict the nature of God’s character and our awesome identity in Christ. But I do compensate that quirky side of me by my greater desire to trail blaze the depths of God’s reckless love and outrageous grace. ”

Thank you for taking the time to check out these Christian authors, all doing Kingdom Work in the name of Jesus… AMEN! Check back here every Friday for another installment of Fellowship Friday with all new bloggers from around the world.


Want to submit your blog to be featured in a future edition of Fellowship Friday? Or maybe you are familiar with a blog that deserves to get noticed? Send me the information below… I do not promise to feature every site I review… but I sure do love to meet new Christian bloggers..

When Atheists Go Too Far

Since I started this blog, it was my intention to welcome the free flow of thoughts and ideas from all over the ideological spectrum. In fact, my plan was to avoid censorship and give people a platform to express themselves as they choose. I understand when I write about social issues like abortion, gay marriage, gun control and others my articles will illicit many different responses depending on the reader. Some positive, many negative.

What I did decide however, was to hold all comments in moderation so I could be aware of what people were planning to post on my site. As of 8:55 AM this morning I have never held or deleted a comment, they have all been posted… many of them containing direct insults towards me.

As of 8:56 AM however I have decided that there are certain people and certain comments I just do not want polluting my site. Not because they disagree with me, as I love a healthy debate more than anyone. But because I simply will not tolerate certain behaviors any longer.

This all started when I posted in the comments on an article about the TRUTH of Demonic activity and Demonic Possession in the world, and especially America today. Based on this comment an Atheist proclaimed I should never be allowed near children.

LINK TO ARTICLE >> Does Your Church Need a Security Team

Now let me state, it takes a lot to get under my skin, to get me angry. But this utter nonsense blasted right past that line in about 2 seconds. I have spent many years of my life protecting and guarding children. After I left the US Army I took care of special needs children at a state Hospital in Ohio for years, over the last six years I have led a safety team at my church, where my primary duty was to protect the greatest treasure any church has inside its walls… the children. Just last year I had to face off against a mentally-ill gunman outside my church, with a classroom of children inside. So I take GREAT EXCEPTION to these comments and will not allow that discourse on my site any longer.

You may have heard that atheists believe they have cornered the market on “being kind” to one another, and that the religious cause division and strife. In my experience it has been the exact opposite and RARELY have I met a vocal atheist that is anything close to “kind”. Most of them hold the religious in general and Christians in particular in contempt. They despise us as a whole and would prefer a world where we didn’t exist. They believe our thoughts and ideas should remain locked away.

Jesus said in Matthew 10:22 that we WILL be hated for His name’s sake. This is the reality we face as Christians throughout time and it is abundantly true today. As a Christian author and blogger I will continue to Stand on the side of truth, but what I will not do is tolerate hatred and ignorance in the one area I have full control… this website.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall



Is Andy Stanley A False Teacher?


Recently on Christian Headlines the following was reported:

Answers in Genesis founder and president Ken Ham is calling Georgia pastor Andy Stanley a “false teacher” for comments Stanley made in a recent sermon on the connection between Christianity and the Old Testament.

Ham’s comments on June 22 sparked a lively discussion on his social media accounts, with some taking Ham’s side and others defending Stanley.

Is Andy Stanley a false teacher?” Ham asked on his Facebook page and Twitter feed. “He compromises Genesis and certainly teaches that those of us who insist all the Bible (including OT) is true are putting a stumbling block in people’s way to hearing the gospel. But it’s Stanley who is undermining God’s Word — yes, a false teacher.

Ham also discussed Stanley’s sermon in the June 22 episode of Answers News. He posted a clip of Stanley’s sermon on his social media accounts. Stanley is senior pastor of North Point Community Church.

Many have lost faith because of something about the Bible or in the Bible – the Old Testament in particular,” Stanley says in the clip. “Once they can no longer accept all the historicity of the Old Testament, once they couldn’t go along with all the miracles, once somebody poked a hole in the Genesis creation, you know, myth – once all that went away suddenly their house-of-cards faith came tumbling down because they were taught it’s all true, it’s all God’s Word and if you find one part that’s not true [then] uh-oh the whole thing comes tumbling down.

[But] not Christianity. The Bible did not create Christianity,” Stanley adds. “The resurrection of Jesus created Christianity and launched Christianity. Your whole house of Old Testament cards can come tumbling down [but] the question is: Did Jesus rise from the dead? And the eyewitnesses said He did. I know that’s a little disturbing for some of us. I know for many of you, this is liberating. As one close friend of mine said who was in her 60s, she said, ‘I finally understand.’

Now these words are directly from the sermon that Andy Stanley preached and there is really no way around the fact that first… he is dead wrong, and second his teachings could lead people down a very dangerous spiritual path.

It is not up to man to discount the Word of God, any part of it… yet here we have a man of God, with a famous last name doing just that. This is very sad to me, and I am quite sure his father Dr. Charles Stanley has already had a discussion with him, I only wish I could have been at the table for that family chat.

Time will tell if Andy comes forward and walks these comments back, or sticks to his guns, I will be keeping an eye on it and post any updates here.