Atheists On The Attack, Again.

Even though, according to PEW Research Atheists make up a tiny 3.1% of the American population, they tend to make a lot of noise… and many times the group that makes the most noise gets heard. When I was making my rounds online today I found the following news story about an Air Force Brigadier General John Teichert, coming under fire by an Atheist organization for running a personal website calling people to Pray At Lunch for their Nation. Here is a snippet with a link to the full article at the L.A. Times…

Religious website triggers complaint against Edwards Air Force Base brigadier general

On Sunday, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation made an official demand to Defense Secretary James N. Mattis to “immediately and comprehensively” investigate Air Force Brig. Gen. E. John Teichert. The foundation, which seeks to maintain the separation of church and state in the military, provided reporters with a copy of the demand on Monday.

At issue is Teichert’s website, called “Prayer at Lunchtime for the United States,” in which the commander says he encourages “Bible-believing Americans to take time to specifically pray for our nation at lunchtime every day.”

By Sara Parvini of the L.A. Times > Read Full Article Here

plus for lunch

After reading this article and later discovering that some of these people want to see the General thrown in jail for his “crimes against humanity”… I mean for posting Christian ideas and information on a website, I decided to visit this offensive piece of virtual real estate to see what everyone was so worked up over (his website is pictured above with link).

It appears General Teichert not only has the unmitigated gall to actually post HOLY SCRIPTURE on his personal website, he goes much further… by actually asking for PRAYER REQUESTS!!!! Throw him in jail and toss away the keys!!!!! If you want further proof of his crimes,  I present to you a video where he shows his true colors…

Can you believe the nerve of this guy? AFTER he asks us to PRAY for our Nation he even resorts to saying Merry Christmas at the end of this video! Disgusting.

While I did try to insert a bucket load of sarcasm into this report, the truth is simple… Atheism is on the rise and they are getting very organized and very well funded. They will tell people all day long that Christians are intolerant bigots, who should be silenced at every turn. Yet every time we see Atheism in the news, it is another blatant showcase of intolerance… as lawsuit after lawsuit is being filed to remove all remnants of God from the public square.

So how do we approach Atheists?

For most Christians the most effective method of reaching an Atheist is with prayer. If you have a family member, friend or co-worker who claims to be an Atheist, stay in prayer over them.

You can obviously try to share your faith with an Atheist, but make sure you know how to defend your faith. Most Atheists come from a religious upbringing or background, and many of them are skilled at using common tactics and talking points against unknowing/unprepared Christians. If you monitor the comments section of this article I am sure you will see them on full display very soon.

Another way to reach Atheists (and this one is TOUGH for me) is to live your life as Jesus would and let the Gospel shine THROUGH you. Have you ever met someone, that you just knew was a Christian without actually knowing the person at all? They just live a life of pure love, joy and peace no matter what life throws at them?

Well that’s not me! But I am a work in progress. If you can live that life, and draw closer to Christ people are going to ask questions… why are you so happy all the time? And when they ask, you share.

But aside from reaching the lost, which should be the most important aspect of our time here on Earth, we also have to STAND as Christians and defend our faith. We should stand shoulder to shoulder with other Christians facing persecution and show them they are not alone. So if you are a Christian, will you take the time right now to visit Brig. Gen. Teichert’s website, facebook and twitter and show him some love and support?



If you are feeling EXTRA supportive you could even go so far as to write President Donald Trump a letter expressing your thoughts on this matter.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall




When Atheists Go Too Far

Since I started this blog, it was my intention to welcome the free flow of thoughts and ideas from all over the ideological spectrum. In fact, my plan was to avoid censorship and give people a platform to express themselves as they choose. I understand when I write about social issues like abortion, gay marriage, gun control and others my articles will illicit many different responses depending on the reader. Some positive, many negative.

What I did decide however, was to hold all comments in moderation so I could be aware of what people were planning to post on my site. As of 8:55 AM this morning I have never held or deleted a comment, they have all been posted… many of them containing direct insults towards me.

As of 8:56 AM however I have decided that there are certain people and certain comments I just do not want polluting my site. Not because they disagree with me, as I love a healthy debate more than anyone. But because I simply will not tolerate certain behaviors any longer.

This all started when I posted in the comments on an article about the TRUTH of Demonic activity and Demonic Possession in the world, and especially America today. Based on this comment an Atheist proclaimed I should never be allowed near children.

LINK TO ARTICLE >> Does Your Church Need a Security Team

Now let me state, it takes a lot to get under my skin, to get me angry. But this utter nonsense blasted right past that line in about 2 seconds. I have spent many years of my life protecting and guarding children. After I left the US Army I took care of special needs children at a state Hospital in Ohio for years, over the last six years I have led a safety team at my church, where my primary duty was to protect the greatest treasure any church has inside its walls… the children. Just last year I had to face off against a mentally-ill gunman outside my church, with a classroom of children inside. So I take GREAT EXCEPTION to these comments and will not allow that discourse on my site any longer.

You may have heard that atheists believe they have cornered the market on “being kind” to one another, and that the religious cause division and strife. In my experience it has been the exact opposite and RARELY have I met a vocal atheist that is anything close to “kind”. Most of them hold the religious in general and Christians in particular in contempt. They despise us as a whole and would prefer a world where we didn’t exist. They believe our thoughts and ideas should remain locked away.

Jesus said in Matthew 10:22 that we WILL be hated for His name’s sake. This is the reality we face as Christians throughout time and it is abundantly true today. As a Christian author and blogger I will continue to Stand on the side of truth, but what I will not do is tolerate hatred and ignorance in the one area I have full control… this website.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall



Debating Atheists: Three Types of Atheist

In the eleven years I have been a Christian, I have debated Atheists a few hundred times, not in formal debates mind you, just online social debates. Mostly on facebook, youtube, twitter and on various blogs. What I have discovered is I can place nearly every Atheist into one of three categories… now I don’t mean Atheists in general, but rather Atheists who engage in online debates with Theists.

This article is intended for Christians who seek to engage Atheists in online debates with the purpose of equipping and preparing them for the challenge ahead. Before I get started I want to highlight some character qualities and traits found in ALL three types that you might find interesting.

  • Superiority Complex. Nearly every Atheist I have ever engaged with, believes they are intellectually superior or at a minimum they believe the Atheist position is intellectually superior to that of a Theist. This always works to our advantage, as many of them don’t know how to answer a well-equipped Christian.
  • Close-Minded. While they rally behind banners such as “enlightenment” and “free thinker”, they tend to be very close-minded, which is ironically the primary accusation they cast against Theists. Don’t be shy in pointing this out during your discourse.
  • They Strongly Believe what they DON’T BELIEVE. They will fight tooth and nail to proclaim they have “no beliefs” and avoid labeling their non-belief as a worldview. Why? Because they don’t want to be forced into defending their position, they simply want to remain on the offense.
  • They love to bully. They do this in a number of ways, from outright name calling to talking down to believers with condescension. Ironically many of them claim to be social justice warriors who should most certainly frown upon bullying in any form, but for some reason don’t see this behavior in themselves.

Lastly I will say this, if you venture out into Atheist blogs and social media accounts, you will be grossly outnumbered. Prepare yourself ahead of time. Generally you will debate 3-5 Atheists at a time, as few Christians are equipped to join in, so few ever show up.

Now let’s talk about the Three different Categories of Atheists as I see them, keeping in mind some Atheists could fit into more than one category at the same time!

The Wise Grandmaster

Oofwya_with_a_cape_and_staffThese Atheists are perhaps the most challenging in a debate, and you must be prepared when facing off with them. Generally speaking they are very polite but have done a lot of research and reading. They are familiar with nearly all of the prominent Atheist arguments and counter-arguments offered by leading Christian Apologists.

They know their stuff. They will never (or very rarely) resort to name calling or profanity and are very cordial.


KNOW YOUR STUFF. This is the bottom line, we as Christians stand on the side of Truth. Not one of many truths, but THE Truth. A universe where no God exists defies logic and reason, the very tools Atheist rest their non-belief upon. Present your arguments in a very clear and precise manner, always remain polite and thank them for participating at the end. You will never change the mind of the Wise Grandmaster, but you can have a sound debate and answer all of their arguments in an intelligent and thoughtful way.

Sample Debate:

You can find the full comments on the original article by clicking here.


The Atheist here displays all the qualities of the Wise Grandmaster and is well prepared for this dialogue. He is measured and controlled, never goes too close to insulting his opponent and even if a perceived slight occurs is usually quick to apologize.


The Belligerent Scoffer

Angry-man-internetThese Atheists are easy to identify as you will notice their telling behavior within the first few minutes of the debate. They will quickly descend into name-calling and profanity filled rants. They will act completely shocked by your “ignorance” and scoff at every rebuttal. This is usually a well exercised routine, as they have done it countless times in other exchanges. Even though we know when someone has to resort to profanity it makes them look foolish, to them they feel bigger and better.


Stay Calm. Keep cool. Attack their arguments and point out their profanity as unnecessary and child-like. Always get the last word, this will irritate them even more and most likely cause them to erupt into more and more foolishness. Once they start with the profanity they have already lost the debate in almost every viewers eyes… except of course the other Belligerent Scoffers who are cheering them on.


You can find the full comments on the original article by clicking here.


Notice below how this Atheist enters the debate, he obviously visited my site first to see who he was dealing with, and then upon seeing my posts on Pornography Addiction tries to use my past to discredit me, right out of the gate.

Counter – Strategy: I don’t hide from my past, I embrace who I was, and through Christ alone who I am today.


This is a shining example of how quickly and easily the Belligerent Scoffer can descend in nonsensical tirades. It is highly predictable and comical. The only people that read this debate and think the Atheist had the upper hand are other Belligerent Scoffers.

The Primma Donna

ap,550x550,12x16,1,transparent,t.u6This last category of Atheist believe the Theists of the world are Bronze Age Religious Zealots and love to lambaste believers in every public forum they can find. Their Superiority Complex overflows into every thought and every sentence. Often times, but not always, they are the higher educated, perhaps Professors at a University… but many times simply well read. They have a true disdain for all religions, although Christians in particular, and believe the world would be a vastly better place with the religions of the world erased permanently from its surface.


Very similar to the Belligerent Scoffer, the best way to debate a Primma Donna is to keep calm and present the Truth on a point by point basis. A common tactic with this group is to throw a dozen objections at you all at once, hoping to overwhelm you. Do not let them go down rabbit trails, keep the dialogue focused and on point. When they try to deviate from the debate at hand, always go back to the main argument.

Sample Debate:

You can find the full comments on the original article by clicking here.


Here the Atheist decries anyone who does not believe in evolution, and if you don’t bow down at the alter of Darwin, you do not have the truth in you.

Debating Atheists will be an ongoing series on this blog, and in future posts will explore more strategies to use, tactics they deploy and provide resources to get you equipped for the road ahead.

Here are five prominent Christian Apologetic resources to get you started:

  1. C.A.R.M
  2. RZIM
  3. Stand to Reason
  4. CRI
  5. Be Thinking


Atheism & Evolution

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This is a collection of STFC articles and resources on Atheism and Evolution. More will be added here as they are written. You will always find a link to this article on the front page of the website.



Podcast Episode 2: Objective Morality & Atheist Word Games

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Episode 2 of our weekly podcast is now available, this week I discuss my view on Objective Morality and give several examples of the word games most Atheists like to play… and I don’t mean Scrabble!

Do you have a question you would like to have answered in a future podcast? Comment below. We will try to answer as many questions as possible.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall


Can An Atheist Be Moral?

This is an article written by fellow Christian Blogger Haden Clark, on his blog Help Me Believe: Strengthen the Believer, Answer the Critic. I found the article well written and he articulates a point very well from the Objective Morality Argument. With his permission it is re-posted here, if you enjoy this article you should visit his website for more of his writings by clicking the image below.


help me believe

I read an article the other day accusing theists of claiming that God is the basis of morality and therefore an atheist cannot be moral. Just so we are 100% clear with each other: I’ve never heard a theist make this argument. The author of the article is making the classical mistake of conflating moral epistemology (knowledge of moral facts) with moral ontology (existence of moral facts).

Christopher Hitchens did this all the time. I always loved listening to Hitch debate, but he made this categorical error in almost every debate he was in. At some point in the debate he would put forth a question to the audience like only he could, “Name me one moral action that a theist can take that an atheist cannot.” Obviously, Hitch would say it much more eloquently. But he completely misses the point. The moral argument for God’s existence isn’t that atheists don’t know how to be moral, but that on atheism as a worldview there is no objective grounding for morality. The moral argument is often put forth like this:

  1. If God does not exist there are no objective moral facts.
  2. There are objective moral facts.
  3. God exists.

How does one arrive at the conclusion that theists are saying atheists can’t be moral? Of course they can! Christian theists believe that all people – including atheists – are made in the image of God and through the natural law that is present in all of us have knowledge of the eternal law which includes objective morality. All people know right from wrong, whether they believe in God, or not. I’ve never heard a Christian theist say otherwise.

The issue the atheist faces isn’t that they don’t know morality, but they can’t ground it objectively on their worldview. On the atheist worldview there can be no objective morality because morality can’t be grounded external to the human mind which was produced by natural selection of random mutations. It may be your preference not to murder, but you can’t say that it is objectively wrong. It may be beneficial for the survival of our species to act morally, but why should anyone value the survival of our species? What if someone doesn’t, can you say objectively that they are wrong?

The problem isn’t that the atheist doesn’t know morality, of course they do. My atheist friends put me to shame. The problem is that the existence of objective moral facts isn’t coherent with an atheistic worldview, yet we all observe these moral facts on a daily basis. There must be something external to the human mind, something transcendent in order for there to be objective moral facts. No such thing exists on the atheistic worldview.

Whether theist, or atheist, none of us can be moral enough. We know intuitively that there is a moral law and that we break it from time-to-time. We rightfully feel guilty when we do something immoral. Our guilt leaves us looking for salvation. Thankfully, God provided a way for salvation at the cross of Christ where he paid the price for all of our immorality and sinfulness.

Atheists can be moral. Theists can be immoral. The existence of objective moral facts only makes sense on a theistic worldview. Jesus paid the price for all of our immorality.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall