Atheism & Evolution

This is a collection of STFC articles and resources on Atheism and Evolution. More will be added here as they are written. You will always find a link to this article on the front page of the website. ARTICLES: When Atheists Go Too Far Why Christians CANNOT Believe in Evolution Why Atheists Love To Play … Continue reading Atheism & Evolution

If Evolution is True, Why Are Human Babies So Helpless?

For the longest time, as an Atheist and then a Christian, I wondered why Humans were so helpless at birth and for so much longer than every other mammal on Earth. It made no sense at all when you could watch a deer for example being born and within an hour walking around, running within … Continue reading If Evolution is True, Why Are Human Babies So Helpless?

Imaginary Tales of Evolution

Recently I read a post from fellow Christian Blogger The Heartseeker's Blog and wanted to share with you here today. The title of his article is From Ape to Man... and Beyond and if you enjoy this article it is my hope you pay his blog a visit. The full article has been re-posted here … Continue reading Imaginary Tales of Evolution