The Scariest Words Jesus Ever Said

You know the verses, you have probably heard them your entire Christian life, but when is the last time you really meditated on the words of Jesus Christ found in Matthew 7: 21-23? Here are the verses... Matthew 7:21-23 (ESV) 21 “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does … Continue reading The Scariest Words Jesus Ever Said

Christian Foundations

This is a collection of STFC articles and resources on Foundations of Christian Beliefs. More will be added here as they are written. You will always find a link to this article on the front page of the website. ARTICLES: How Should I Pray? Does God Always Hear Our Prayers? Do Christians Need Church? Seeking … Continue reading Christian Foundations

Q&A: How Do We Know God Created Anything?

In a recent post a visitor in the comment section posed a question, and it was a great question that I think a lot of people have asked. Now this person has never received an adequate answer from previous Pastors or Apologists and spent 25 years in ministry so I have my work cut out … Continue reading Q&A: How Do We Know God Created Anything?

Why Christians CANNOT Believe in Evolution

Evolution is perhaps the greatest of all deceptions ever concocted by the enemy to lead Billions astray from a belief in God. Sadly many Church leaders and Pastors have given into the lie of evolution and teach Christians around the world it is OK to believe in evolution and still be a Christian. But these … Continue reading Why Christians CANNOT Believe in Evolution

Rebuking a “Christian” Blogger

Today as I was browsing WordPress I came across a post that upset me, if I am being honest. When I tried to comment on the article, I found the comments closed... so I decided to use my voice here to counter the lies within those writings. Here is what I found... During times when … Continue reading Rebuking a “Christian” Blogger

4 Reasons to Believe the End is Near

This is one of the most fascinating and perhaps even terrifying times in our world history. When you look over the political landscape of the world and see all of these events unfolding... it feels like we are getting closer and closer to the end. Many people like to spend their time trying to guess … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Believe the End is Near

What does it mean to Surrender?

As a Christian one of the hardest concepts for me to put into action, is the idea of total surrender. On the surface it seems so simple, just let go and let God you may have heard... or take your hands off the wheel is another common phrase. But for me knowing what it means … Continue reading What does it mean to Surrender?

Seeking the Presence of God

Three times in one day different Pastors spoke on the topic of living in the presence of God. This was a just few days ago. Today in church, again, the message was the same... this time from a guest speaker from Canada who is visiting our church. It is clear that God has a very … Continue reading Seeking the Presence of God

Do Christians Need Church?

Many Christians today feel fed-up with Church, it might be the music choices, the dress code, the people or maybe they don't feel the need for it in their lives. Some have been burned by other churchgoers, some have seen their local church divided over a moral failure of church leadership or infighting among its … Continue reading Do Christians Need Church?

How Should I Pray?

One of the biggest aspects of living a Christian life is prayer time with God. For many Christians, especially new believers this is something that often sounds mystical or mysterious and many Christians have a lot of questions about prayer. In this article we want to explore how to pray to God, but also delve … Continue reading How Should I Pray?

Why Does God Allow Children To Starve?

This is a very old question asked of Theists for as long as I can remember, and very similar to the question... why does evil exist? For the question of starving children please allow me to be as blunt and straight forward as I can: God does NOT allow children to starve, WE DO. Yes, … Continue reading Why Does God Allow Children To Starve?

Is Hell Fair?

The Hell doctrine is one of the most important and less taught pillars of the Gospels. Most preachers avoid teaching it, because on the surface it looks completely "unfair". But let's examine it for a moment. We know from scripture that our BEST deeds are like filthy rags in the eyes of God (Isaiah 64:6). … Continue reading Is Hell Fair?