My Walk Away From God’s Purpose

Very recently I have stepped off the path of God's plan for my life and for a few weeks have walked my own path. This involved pursuing worldly interests and ultimately was taking me far away from my one true purpose on Earth, to build the Kingdom of God. This is not the first time … Continue reading My Walk Away From God’s Purpose

Rebuke: An Open Letter to Christians Who Are Against Homosexuality, From a Homosexual Christian

Today I found an article online titled "An open letter to Christians who are against Homosexuality, from a Homosexual Christian". Obviously with a title like that I had to take a peek, what I discovered was a LONG list of justifications put forth by the writer for her sin. She signed the article Katie Breckenridge … Continue reading Rebuke: An Open Letter to Christians Who Are Against Homosexuality, From a Homosexual Christian


This article has been re-blogged with permission from The Wintery Knight. This article is very well written, well researched and presents a strong case in opposition to Gay Marriage, without using a theological framework. How many times have you heard, if you didn't use your Bible you couldn't give me one good reason homosexuals shouldn't … Continue reading A SECULAR CASE AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE

Living a Life of Victory

This is a collection of STFC articles and resources on Living a Life of Victory in Jesus Christ. More will be added here as they are written. You will always find a link to this article on the front page of the website. ARTICLES: Love Yourself As God Loves You What Is Your Secret Identity? … Continue reading Living a Life of Victory

Do Christians Need Church?

Many Christians today feel fed-up with Church, it might be the music choices, the dress code, the people or maybe they don't feel the need for it in their lives. Some have been burned by other churchgoers, some have seen their local church divided over a moral failure of church leadership or infighting among its … Continue reading Do Christians Need Church?

Feeling Hopeless or Unloved?

As you may have discovered if you have been looking around my blog, Jesus Christ has saved my life. For 35 years I was an Atheist and for many of those years in bondage to lust and an addiction to pornography. Today, at the age of 46 I can loudly proclaim that Jesus Christ is … Continue reading Feeling Hopeless or Unloved?