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This page is dedicated to showcase other Christian Bloggers we have found that offer great content on a regular basis. This page will continue to grow over time. If you want to have your blog listed below there are two things you need to do… first message us a link to your blog using the form below. Your articles can cover any area of Christian life, however our Statements of Faith should align for the most part and regular posts are required. Second follow our blog. After we review your blog we will message you back with our decision. Please understand we cannot post links to ALL sites so we must choose carefully.

Amazing Tangled Grace – Jason is a Jesus follower who loves to share his spiritual journey with the world. His posts are well thought out and often inspired by the work of the Holy Spirit in his life as he reveals dreams, visions and encouragement with his readers.

Grace Over Pain – Efua describes herself as a christian, wife, mum and girls mentor. An extrovert who is deeply in love with Jesus Christ. Her writing is elegant and inspiring and I highly recommend her site. She is doing the work of the Lord. Amen.

Victor’s Corner – “A blog dedicated to providing wholesome inspiration for the family, life, and living – from a Christian worldview.” The author is a friend and fellow Christian blogger from Nigeria, Victor Uyanwanne. His articles cover all sorts of topics of interest to the Christian life.

Taking Up My Cross – A blog by God’s Warrior, a 20 year old Christian who created his blog “with the purpose of impacting you and prayerfully giving you a different, biblical perspective on situations that have happened in your lives and bringing God’s message to all people around the world and making an impact on your lives”. God’s Warrior is passionate about the Gospel and loves Jesus Christ greatly, pay his blog a visit.

Reasoned Cases for Christ – Bruce has been writing for a long time and has over 500 blog posts on his website pertaining to Christian Apologetics and common questions many Christians are faced with. His website has many great resources and tons of useful links, so you definitely want to pay him a visit.

Step Out of the Boat: Shawn Akers describes his ministry this way “I believe my ministry is to help ‘nominal Christians’ get out of their own boats and to help them seek the Lord with all of their hearts so that the Great Commission can be fulfilled. If there is to be another Great Awakening in this country, the church needs to awaken from its slumber and start serving others instead of its own desires.” Shawn and I share a passion to get Christians moving in their faith, his writing style is pleasant, straight-forward and very informed. Pay him a visit today.

Teen, Meet God: A young woman from Illinois who loves God, loves to dance, loves photography and hopes to one day be a missionary for the Kingdom, AMEN! Her blog is filled with positive and uplifting posts geared towards Christian teens. She has a regular posting schedule where she shares her favorite music and devotionals. Stop by her blog today and say hello!

Benjamin Moore: Born in Honduras as a “missionaries kid” Benjamin is a father of five who strives to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ. He uses his blog to draw attention to the things God places on his heart. I have personally found his writings useful, practical and inspiring… I think you will too.

Jesus Our Deliverer: This blogger is only 13 years old and his name is Ian. At such a young age, he shows maturity in Christ that I rarely see in adults. He is a writer and filmmaker and I met him some time ago on WordPress. His writings are an inspiration to me and I would highly recommend you visit his blog today.

Tough Questions Answered: Bill and Darrell are passionate about Christian Apologetics and have a wealth of knowledge and experience they share on their blog in the form of well written, researched and reasoned articles. This is a great resource for new and mature Christians alike… and they cover nearly all areas of Christian life, have a question? You can submit it right on their site.

Christian Apologist: S.J. Thompson is a Christian Apologist and Children’s book author who loves to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She also hosts a Youtube channel that features Christian coffee talks. Her articles are informative and cover a wide range of topics that will be of interest to most Christians. Pay her a visit today.

Tears in a Bottle: “A Safe Have for Wounded Hearts” is not only the tagline of this site but what it represents at every level. Cynthia is a living example of the healing power of Jesus Christ no matter how broken-hearted we may be, and her stories come from a place of honesty and transparency.  Please visit her site and be blessed by her writings as I have.

TheHeartseeker’s Blog: This blogger is a gifted teacher and student of the Bible which he has studied for years. The goal of his blog is to help the Body of Christ grow in all things God. His articles are well written, well reasoned and offer practical advice and information you can apply to your daily walk with Christ. It has been my pleasure to read his work and recommend you check him out today.

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