Demonic Encounters


In this journal I will record detailed accounts of real Demonic Encounters I have experienced. This information is transcribed from a handwritten journal I write in directly after an encounter to preserve as many details as possible.

LOCATION: Life Springs Christian Church, Las Vegas Nevada
DATE: Thursday April 6, 2017
TIME: Approximately 7:45PM
INVOLVED PERSON(s): “Olivia” and/or “Stephanie”
DESCRIPTION: Female, mid to late 30s, Caucasian, approximately 5’8″ tall
WITNESSES: 7 Independent
DETAILS OF EVENT: Approximately 45 minutes into the Celebrate Recovery group, an unknown Caucasian woman entered the front lobby of the church and stood near our group. Her eyes were very red, she appeared to be under the influence of meth or heroine. We asked her if she was at the church for recovery, but she couldn’t respond in a manner we could understand. We invited her to sit, which she did about three feet from my chair. She slumped into her chair with a very distraught look on her face.

When asked questions about herself she could only respond with garbled speech, as if her mouth couldn’t move, her teeth were badly damaged – a side effect of the drug abuse. She tried very hard to speak to the group but nothing came out that we could understand. When asked her name it seemed like she said “Olivia” or perhaps “Nidia”.

The final question I asked her was “do you know who Jesus Christ is?”

At this very moment she locked eyes on me, stood up with strength from her chair and in a very clear and strong voice proclaimed “I am Stephanie and I am leaving”. She then left the church. Johnny Black who was present during this encounter noticed her voice not only grew stronger but seemed to be much deeper almost masculine.

CONCLUSION: Demons cannot stand up to the name of Jesus Christ. The words alone are powerful enough to make most Demons flee. Please note however, this was not a deliverance, the Demon simply left the building with the possessed woman. To deliver a person from a Demon is a specialized ministry I am just now entering. It requires a great deal of faith and knowledge of scripture. It also requires multiple Christians praying for the deliverance of the possessed.Divider.pngCASE NUMBER: 1702
LOCATION: Sonic Drive-Thru, Las Vegas Nevada
DATE: Monday April 10, 2017
TIME: Approximately 9:15PM
DESCRIPTION: Male, late 40s to early 50s, Caucasian, approximately 6′ tall
DETAILS OF EVENT: My wife and I went to Sonic, and as we pulled our truck into the parking space we quickly noticed a man on his knees in the outdoor dining area of the restaurant. He was rocking back and forth, with his eyes rolled back and blood pouring down his forehead. The Sonic worker stated that police were notified and on their way to the scene. The man continued to rock and convulse for several minutes when my wife asked me if he was demon possessed. I told her I did not know. She then asked “should we pray for him”, which we did immediately. We held hands and called on the Name of Jesus Christ to cast that demon out of the man. When we finished praying and I looked up he was still convulsing and rocking with his eyes rolled back.

I then exited the truck as my wife continued to pray for the man. I approached the man and knelt down beside him placing my hand on his shoulder and asking him “how you doing buddy?”

In that instant he looked up at me and said “I’m ok”. Then I asked him his name he said “Jim” and I told him my name was Keith. He seemed to have “woken up” dazed and confused and asked if his food was ready. It was sitting on a nearby table, so I said “yes it’s right over here”. He then stood up and sat down at the table with his food. I asked him how he was feeling, then he asked me how long he was on the ground. I told him we had been there about 10 minutes. At this time the police arrived and I returned to my truck.

CONCLUSION: While this appeared to be a deliverance, we must understand that there are many different types of demons with different levels of power. This particular demon did not flee until a hand was laid, but it was only through the prayer and invocation of the name of Jesus Christ that the man was freed. We must also realize that a person delivered from a demon is not free from further possession, unless further steps are taken, namely asking Jesus Christ into their life as Lord and savior. A continued life of drug abuse will continue to invite demonic influence.


LOCATION: Apartment Complex, Las Vegas Nevada
DATE: Wednesday May 3, 2017
TIME: 8:36AM
WITNESSES: Girlfriend
DETAILS OF EVENT: At 8:36AM I received a text message from a brother in Christ I met through Celebrate Recovery, his name is Matthew. The text message read as follows:

“Call me when you can. I had a terrifying experience last night.”

I called Matthew back immediately and he told me he was playing video games with his girlfriend the night before. In the game were demonic or satanic symbols or images. That night when he went to sleep he had a very lucid dream where he was demon possessed. In the same dream he went from room to room in his apartment looking for his son and found 2 demons in his home. When he woke up from the dream, his girlfriend told him he was muttering incoherently in his sleep.

At this point I stopped him and asked him what time he was going to be home. He said around 4:30PM. I told him that I believed he had enemy spirits in the home, that he shouldn’t be fearful, and that I wanted to anoint the home and cast out any demons that might be lingering around. He agreed to my visit.

I tried unsuccessfully to reach another Christian Brother to take along on the anointing. Then I stopped home and had my wife pray with me. I also told my wife I would text her when I began casting out the demons, so she could be praying for me from home as I moved through the house.

I arrived at 4:30PM, texted my wife and anointed every room in the house… doorways, windows and mirrors (portals demons use)… leaving only the front door un-anointed. I start in the back of the home and move my way room to room towards the front. After all the rooms are complete I cast out any remaining demons in the name of Jesus Christ and seal off the front door.

I explained to Matthew that he should no longer experience demonic dreams like that as long as he doesn’t invite them back into his home. He should also experience a change in the atmosphere of the home, meaning the depressing thoughts and moods around the home should lighten.

CONCLUSION: Many Christians are unaware of the influence that demonic activity can have in their lives, in America we are so secularized that everything has a name. Science and the medical field will try to label everything and create a drug to counter the symptoms. The other side of that spectrum are Christians who see a demon behind every bad thing that happens in their life. I try not to get too close to either side and ask questions that will help me decide if demons are really at work in a situation.

After Matthew shared his dream I had NO DOUBT whatsoever that demons were taking up residence in his home. But here is the good news… the other good news… demons have to FLEE in the name of Jesus Christ. (James 2:19, James 4:7, Luke 10:17, Acts 16:16-18, Luke 4:41…)

It has been seven days and as of last night, Matthew reports that he hasn’t had any more nightmares. Praise God and thank you Jesus.