Our Mission

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

The Mission of Stand Tall For Christ is to support Christians all over the world in their belief in Jesus Christ as their God and savior. Through the use of well researched and reasoned articles, videos and other resources we want to help equip Christians with the knowledge they need to face the daily challenges and temptations they will encounter along their walk with Christ.

Another facet of this ministry is to help other Christians recognize their TRUE IDENTITY in Jesus Christ, which is a Child of the Most High God (Galatians 3:26). The enemy is hard at work in our world convincing believers of the many lies that pull people away from God. They start to believe they are not loved by anyone, they are alone, that God doesn’t love them, that God doesn’t care about them, that He is cold and distant and never appears in the darkest moments of their lives. Eventually they begin to question their faith, their Holy Book and even their God. They start to wonder if it is all real.

We want to show Christians the TRUTH, that they are loved beyond measure by the Most High God that created the entire universe. That they are counted unique among His entire creation (Matthew 10:30), that He does care about them, and that He is there during the storms of their lives (Psalm 138:7).

We also want to show Christians that the Holy Bible is the inerrant Living Word of God brought to us today through man under the supernatural guidance of God in Heaven
(2 Timothy 3:16).

There is a movement within Christianity today that deeply saddens and concerns us, as it calls into question the very Authority of Holy Scripture. EVERY OUNCE of our faith is built on a core belief that Holy Scripture is true, infallible, divine and given to us by God Himself. Once that foundation is weakened, it threatens to destroy all of our faith. But here is the other GOOD NEWS: You do NOT have to compromise your faith, by following the lead of a secular fallen world. The closer your draw to God and the deeper you delve into His Word the stronger your faith will become. Why? Because we stand on the side of TRUTH.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall