‘Active shooter’ video game prompts outrage in wake of mass shootings | Fox News

A makeshift memorial left in memory of the victims killed in a shooting at Santa Fe High School, is pictured in downtown Santa Fe, Texas, May 24, 2018.  (Reuters)

Active Shooter, a video game that allows players to simulate a school shooting, prompted outrage in the wake of multiple mass shootings at American schools.

Source: ‘Active shooter’ video game prompts outrage in wake of mass shootings | Fox News

Wow. Just wow.

If there is any doubt that our Country is in a moral free fall, here is even more evidence. There are people that will find this game fun, exciting, funny and harmless. All words that should never be used to describe it. Without ever seeing the game, or playing it, I can make a sound judgement based on a little something called “common sense” that just the idea of this game is amazingly ignorant and devoid of empathy. Unfortunately common sense is becoming more and more uncommon by the day.

Just out of curiosity is there anyone out there reading this, that thinks this game is a good idea or would really like to play it? If so, please share your thoughts below… I am truly interested to hear the other side.

UPDATE 5/30/2018: Valve Inc. announced Tuesday it would pull “Active Shooter” from its online gaming platform, Steam, after learning that the game’s publisher and developer has a “history of customer abuse” that was uncovered as a result of the controversy surrounding the game, Variety and other news outlets reported.

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Fellowship Friday #4 Have You Met These Christian Bloggers?

Welcome back to Fellowship Friday, a new weekly post on Stand Tall For Christ where I will share 4 Christian Bloggers with you I have met from around the world. It is my hope by doing this you will discover some of the amazing men and women doing the Lord’s work and spend time in fellowship with them. I want to encourage you to visit their blogs, follow their blogs, comment on their blogs, share their blogs and ultimately grow spiritually from the time you spend with them.

Here are this week’s bloggers:

Damien Parrott

Damien Parrott: Damien Parrott is a bestselling author and nationally recognized speaker. As the founder of Damien Parrott Ministries, his life-changing message of failure, redemption, and purpose has inspired hundreds of believers worldwide to live with courage so they can suceed in their walk with Christ.

the voice of one

The Voice of One: In the spirit of John the Baptist, Teague McKamey authors this blog. John saw himself as nothing but the voice of another.  He claimed no ministry, no purpose, no identity of his own.  He was the voice of Christ, declaring Christ. This is what Teague sets out to do… know Christ. His articles are helpful and insightful.

psssst god loves you

Psst.. God Loves You: Ileen Bocanegra is a Christian life coach and writer from Texas. She writes “My deepest prayer for today is that God will guide me to give you the words of encouragement and strength and to remind you of how much He loves you.  I pray your heart will be filled with peace, love and lots of laughter as you join me on this beautiful journey.”


Thank you for taking the time to check out these Christian authors, all doing Kingdom Work in the name of Jesus… AMEN! Check back here every Friday for another installment of Fellowship Friday with all new bloggers from around the world.


Want to submit your blog to be featured in a future edition of Fellowship Friday? Or maybe you are familiar with a blog that deserves to get noticed? Send me the information below… I do not promise to feature every site I review… but I sure do love to meet new Christian bloggers..


If Evolution is True, Why Are Human Babies So Helpless?

For the longest time, as an Atheist and then a Christian, I wondered why Humans were so helpless at birth and for so much longer than every other mammal on Earth. It made no sense at all when you could watch a deer for example being born and within an hour walking around, running within a day. Birds could fly within days or weeks, marine life obviously could swim instantly, but so could turtles and other land dwelling swimmers.

This made NO SENSE from the stand point of Natural Selection, which carriers forward traits that make a species STRONGER or better adapted to an environment for survival. Obviously there was no survival strategy behind being born and remaining helpless for YEARS… in fact in an ancient savage world, if human parents died or left a newborn…
Asta La Vista. Baby.

But NEVER worry, evolutionists will always pull a rabbit from their proverbial magic hat… and they did. And guess what? People bought it hook line and sinker.


This is how their wonderfully imaginative story goes:

Long ago,  “early man” used to walk on four legs but that had to change. You see they came down from the trees and onto the Savannah where being four-legged was obviously a disadvantage… I mean how can you see that prowling lion in the tall grass if you’re on all fours. UH OH!!!

Don’t worry. NATURAL SELECTION to the rescue… these early men began to balance on their hind legs to see those pesky Lions and wouldn’t you know it… after HUNDREDS of generations of this behavior their spines changed causing their pelvises to narrow.  This of course mean’t they could no longer give birth to a baby with a more developed brain… UH OH!!!

Don’t worry. NATURAL SELECTION to the rescue… They simply started giving birth to humans with smaller less-developed brains that could fit thru their newly reduced pelvic region, which would then require a greater length of brain development time outside the womb to catch up with their less-evolved counterparts in the animal kingdom.

TA-DA! Evolution.

Now this is only ONE tiny example of evolutionary theory that is built on PURE imagination and storytelling, that isn’t very compelling. There are many many more examples, but I just want to stay focused on this.

When you are an evolutionist, you have NO other options on the table when it comes to the origin of man. At the end of the day, if evolution is shown to be false, all you are left doing is sitting across an empty table staring at God.

So EVOLUTION MUST BE TRUE. So much in fact that people will go to great lengths to fabricate stories out of pure imagination to justify a very real observation in the world. It all sounds so “sciencey” and factual, but is based on NOTHING.

Want to know the real reason Human babies are helpless?

As with nearly everything else, evolution doesn’t come close to giving us answers that really fit what we see in the world around us. That’s because it isn’t true. However if you open your Bible you will find a factual account of how Humans came into existence.

Humans are not evolved primates. We were created as the pinnacle of God’s work. We were placed on Earth and have dominion over it and the animals that co-exist with us. Our brains, our DNA, everything about us reveals the grandeur of His power.

The real reason Human babies are helpless at birth, is because God made us that way. The similarities we see in the genetic code of Humans and other animals simply reveals a common designer, not an unguided natural force.

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Do We Have to Live With Depression?


Recently one of my friends on WordPress has been writing about depression, and it got me thinking about my struggles over the years with this very common problem. There was never a time when I was diagnosed with it clinically, but then again I never asked anyone’s opinion. As I look back at the last few years I can see depression rearing its ugly head frequently and on one particular day, to the point that I wanted to end my own life.

In this clip from the weekly podcast I share that day…

In today’s secular world if you are diagnosed with depression you are likely to be given prescription drugs like Prozac or Zoloft, which may not be addictive like hardcore drugs, but could easily become “necessary” in the mind of the user to subdue depressive thoughts, not to mention you always have to be mindful of harmful side effects. My advice to Christians is to follow the medical advice you are given, but don’t be shy about getting a second or third opinion… and tread carefully with prescription drug use.

In this article I want to ask the question, do we have to live with depression? Then I hope to give you some answers you may not have considered.

This article is geared towards Christians suffering with depression and we should understand it can express itself in many ways. Additionally there are many different types of depression from “clinical” or diagnosed to the sadness people experience when life plays hard ball. Many people suffer from the very real illness of depression while others may be depressed over a spiritual condition (attack of the enemy), or due to a set of circumstances in their lives.

Along with the different types of depression there is a varied response to depression from the church, depending on who you ask. Some people will say it is sinful to be depressed and not trust in the Lord while others classify all depression as a mental health issue and discount the very real spiritual war we are engaged in. The bottom line, this is a very complex issue, and one article cannot possibly cover this subject matter in any meaningful way. So that is not my goal today. Here I just want to offer a glimmer of hope for those Christians in the world who have a hard time processing the difficulties we face each day.

This article is not a replacement for medical advice

Note: I want to be very clear, that medical professionals are a very important tool God uses to minister healing to the world. If you are diagnosed with clinical depression or believe you should be, I encourage you to seek and follow a medical treatment plan.

Maybe you are a Christian who has a troubled marriage, stressful days at work, financial problems, a secret sin you are dealing with or perhaps your children have you at your wits end. There are a million possible scenarios, but do you ever just want to to scream ENOUGH! Are you tired of being run down, depressed and miserable every day?

Aside from the children, each of those areas was a reflection of my life and there were SO many days I just couldn’t take it. Life sucks. When is Jesus coming back anyway? These are the thoughts that would course through my mind on a good day… on a bad day? You’re pathetic, you’re a loser, your family would be better off with you dead, just kill yourself and be done with it all.

My wife helped me work through a lot of these issues. She would say things like “you have the power to feel any way you want to feel, so choose”! HOW DARE SHE SAY THAT!!!! But after my pride recovered, and my bruised ego deflated… I knew she was right. How did I know? Because I tried exactly what she said, I changed my mind.

And it worked.

This doesn’t stop a depressing thought from entering my mind, or the fact that my job can really stress me out if I let it… but it does give me hope for all future days. You did it before Keith and you can do it again… don’t like the way you are feeling then STOP it. Break up the patterns of negative thinking and…

Start living with an “eternity” mindset.

Now before many of you jump out of your chairs screaming at your computer… you might say “oh sure just CHOOSE not to be depressed, what a FANTASTIC idea, it never occurred to me!” or “who the heck does this guy think he is, he was obviously never REALLY depressed in the first place.”

If planning to go to a remote desert location with a handgun to shoot myself in the head doesn’t qualify as depressed, then maybe you should revoke my membership card. As a matter of fact I will cut it up with scissors right now, I never liked that club anyway… and I never liked that label.

If however, you are still with me, and looking for that glimmer of hope. Let me encourage you to look ahead… just a wee bit, to the eternity in front of you.


Ecclesiastes 3:11 – He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also He has put eternity in their hearts…

“In the hinterlands of Pommerania, there is a mountain made of the hardest diamond.  It’s one hour deep into the earth, one hour up toward the sky, one hour long and one hour wide.  To this mountain comes a little bird, once every hundred years, to sharpen its beak.  And when this bird has worn away the whole mountain, the first second of eternity has passed.”

Our human minds cannot possibly fathom what an eternity really looks or feels like, but we can see time passing here on Earth, and let me tell you… the older you get, the faster it flies right by. Or perhaps we just become more keenly aware of its passing, that must be it, I’m sure the seconds of the clock still take the same time they did when I was 19.

As Christians we should take a special interest in eternity, as it will change the way we see our time right now, here on Earth. Often at work I feel stressed, but when I want to, I can ask myself a question… “this thing at work, will it really matter in 2 weeks?
2 months? 2 years? 2 decades? and if it doesn’t really matter then, why do I let it stress me out right now?”

The answer is simple. I don’t have to let it stress me out, get me depressed or feeling sad. I can choose to stay focused on things that are really important. Eternity-minded things. Let’s face it, as Christians we proclaim some pretty lofty beliefs to the world. We proudly claim of the risen Christ. We tell the world of our savior (at least we should) and how His blood erased our sins past, present and future. We claim to believe we are going to Heaven to spend FOREVER with Jesus… but do we REALLY believe that?

Belief could be defined as something you claim with your mind and follow through with your actions. As a real world example… if you take a plate off the hot stove and turn off the burner… I would be willing to bet you wouldn’t touch that stove for quite a while, as you believe it will burn you badly. That’s a good way to live life! But as Christians we tend to do the opposite… we CLAIM to believe the stove is hot then go about touching the stove all day long! Meaning our actions don’t line with the beliefs we proclaim.

The hard truth – is often the hardest to swallow

If Jesus came down right now, knocked on my door, came inside my home and sat down with me… He might look me in the eyes and say “Keith, time is short my child. I have given you great news to share of my second coming and yet you sit here sad about your life.” In that moment, I would break down crying asking Him to forgive me AGAIN. I know because in my mind this conversation has happened more than once.

Friends, as Christians we have AMAZING, GREAT NEWS to share with the world. We don’t have time to sit around in self-pity, self-misery and sadness. WE have been REDEEMED, we are Children of the Most High God. We are ADOPTED into the Royal Family of God. We were put here to TELL people of the Jesus we love so much, so if you are down in a dark pit of despair and don’t know how to get out. Look up. You will find the hand of Jesus waiting to lift you up and out of that darkness.

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