U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Christian Baker’s Refusal to Bake Gay Wedding Cake

The U.S. Supreme Court handed religious liberty advocates a major victory Monday when it sided with a Christian baker who refused to design a wedding cake celebrating a same-sex marriage.

Source: Michael Foust – Christian News Headlines

What a GREAT DAY OF CELEBRATION for Christians in America today!

While many in our Country have been consistently trying to push God out of all public space, and as far from public view as possible… we finally have a Supreme Court ruling that will SLOW down the LGBT Agenda that has been steamrolling its way through our social system in recent years.

This decision will do nothing to stop them, but it will slow them. Make no mistake there are forces right now amassing legal funds and devising legal and political strategies. These forces stand for everything that is contrary to God. Which is why as Christians, we should be politically active… there is a time to pray (which is always) but there is also a time to get off of our butts and VOTE.

Most people don’t vote outside of the big Presidential races, but the midterms are where the real political power is decided. Talk to your Christian friends, ask them if they are voting, or have voted. We have to Stand Tall For Christ in our Country… will you stand with me?