The Insanity of the Gender Debate

The following video clearly illustrates the insanity of the supposed “Gender Debate” taking place all around the Country. The idea that people can freely choose their Gender based on how they feel inside leads to places where logic and common sense have no value. Watch this short video…

We have come to a place where a significant percentage of the population agrees that a man can assume the gender role of a woman simply because he feels a certain way (and vice versa). Making matters worse this same group believes the rest of us have a duty to reinforce this delusional behavior.

We haven’t gone so far as Canada yet, where they are passing laws making it hate speech if you don’t refer to someone by their “preferred pronoun”, but we are clearly on that path.

Why is this a problem?

We have built a society based on definitions and labels, this is how we communicate as a species. We have also put in place many social structures based on these labels. For example, when a person reaches the age of 55 they are generally considered a senior citizen and qualify for many social benefits, like discounts in many places.

But what happens when a 20 year old man, decides to “identify” as a 60 year old man? Would he then qualify for the discounts? Or would we have to dispense with all of the social benefits we have previously set aside for seniors? Or should we simply stick with what we know to be true, you are a certain age, and you cannot change that number, no matter how much you feel like something else.

You may be thinking, this is ridiculous, no one is trying to identify as a different age!! Let me ask you one question, are you sure about that? Allow me to introduce you to one such man… Stefonknee Wolschtt, 46, a Toronto man who left his wife and seven children and now identifies as a 6 year old girl, living with an adopted family.

The world we live in is changing rapidly, or progressing if you will. However, progression is only a good thing if you are heading in the right direction. As a nation we are heading in the exact opposite direction of truth and morality. The murder rates of unborn children is in the tens of millions, the family unit all over the country is broken in pieces, the divorce rates in and out of the church are skyrocketing, drugs are taking over our children at alarming rates, and now we are in rebellion against God’s creation in ways I would never have imagined.

These are troubling times, and this leads me to believe that Jesus is on his way back very soon. In the meantime, I plan to Stand Tall against the lies of the enemy in this war against reality. It saddens me that people suffer with mental illness, but one thing you never do when someone is living in an alternate reality is reinforce their beliefs. The loving thing to do is encourage them to seek treatment, but be careful, you might get arrested for hate speech.





Pope Francis tells gay man: ‘God made you like that’ – CNN

This morning I woke to the following article both on CNN and FoxNews, My normal response to stories like this are to reject it, unless I hear tape or see video of the person actually saying it. Whenever it’s a report of a private conversation, I wait until the accused party comes forward with their side of the story.

In this case however, it doesn’t appear as that is going to happen.

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A victim of clerical sexual abuse has said that Pope Francis told him that God made him gay and that his sexuality “does not matter.”

Source: Pope Francis tells gay man: ‘God made you like that’ – CNN

If it turns out to be true, then once again this Pope is showing his true colors

I will not write another article on the subject of homosexuality and how Christians should respond, I have already done that. But I will just comment, that if true, this goes to show how you cannot be a man of God with one foot in the world.

You cannot stand on the side of a fallen secular world AND the Word of God at the same time, as most times they run contrary to each other. The danger of those statements if made could have very serious and everlasting consequences for that poor man, and many others.

I just pray that for once, a story I hear about this Pope is wrong.