If Evolution is True, Why Are Human Babies So Helpless?

For the longest time, as an Atheist and then a Christian, I wondered why Humans were so helpless at birth and for so much longer than every other mammal on Earth. It made no sense at all when you could watch a deer for example being born and within an hour walking around, running within a day. Birds could fly within days or weeks, marine life obviously could swim instantly, but so could turtles and other land dwelling swimmers.

This made NO SENSE from the stand point of Natural Selection, which carriers forward traits that make a species STRONGER or better adapted to an environment for survival. Obviously there was no survival strategy behind being born and remaining helpless for YEARS… in fact in an ancient savage world, if human parents died or left a newborn…
Asta La Vista. Baby.

But NEVER worry, evolutionists will always pull a rabbit from their proverbial magic hat… and they did. And guess what? People bought it hook line and sinker.


This is how their wonderfully imaginative story goes:

Long ago,  “early man” used to walk on four legs but that had to change. You see they came down from the trees and onto the Savannah where being four-legged was obviously a disadvantage… I mean how can you see that prowling lion in the tall grass if you’re on all fours. UH OH!!!

Don’t worry. NATURAL SELECTION to the rescue… these early men began to balance on their hind legs to see those pesky Lions and wouldn’t you know it… after HUNDREDS of generations of this behavior their spines changed causing their pelvises to narrow.  This of course mean’t they could no longer give birth to a baby with a more developed brain… UH OH!!!

Don’t worry. NATURAL SELECTION to the rescue… They simply started giving birth to humans with smaller less-developed brains that could fit thru their newly reduced pelvic region, which would then require a greater length of brain development time outside the womb to catch up with their less-evolved counterparts in the animal kingdom.

TA-DA! Evolution.

Now this is only ONE tiny example of evolutionary theory that is built on PURE imagination and storytelling, that isn’t very compelling. There are many many more examples, but I just want to stay focused on this.

When you are an evolutionist, you have NO other options on the table when it comes to the origin of man. At the end of the day, if evolution is shown to be false, all you are left doing is sitting across an empty table staring at God.

So EVOLUTION MUST BE TRUE. So much in fact that people will go to great lengths to fabricate stories out of pure imagination to justify a very real observation in the world. It all sounds so “sciencey” and factual, but is based on NOTHING.

Want to know the real reason Human babies are helpless?

As with nearly everything else, evolution doesn’t come close to giving us answers that really fit what we see in the world around us. That’s because it isn’t true. However if you open your Bible you will find a factual account of how Humans came into existence.

Humans are not evolved primates. We were created as the pinnacle of God’s work. We were placed on Earth and have dominion over it and the animals that co-exist with us. Our brains, our DNA, everything about us reveals the grandeur of His power.

The real reason Human babies are helpless at birth, is because God made us that way. The similarities we see in the genetic code of Humans and other animals simply reveals a common designer, not an unguided natural force.

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