The Reality of Abortion. GRAPHIC IMAGE WARNING!

This article is not for the feint of heart, in fact this is not an article I would have even written just a week ago. This article is going to contain VERY GRAPHIC IMAGES of abortion at different stages of development. The purpose of this article is to educate people on the very gruesome nature of modern abortion in America and to shine a bright light on the dark underbelly of this industry.

The talking points made by pro-choice activists are simple… a fetus is not human, only a clump of tissue. It is the woman’s body and she has the right to make any decision she chooses with it.



To illustrate the ridiculous notion that a fetus is not a human there are three groups of photos below, all photos taken after an abortion procedure. The photos represent 4 stages of development: 8 weeks, 9 weeks, 10 weeks and 22 weeks.

The images are made available from They are the copyright holder and these images have been posted here with their permission.

All of these abortions, except the last four, are perfectly legal in all 50 states. The last four (22-24 weeks) are legal in over 16 states. How many children are dismembered and ripped from their mother’s womb because they would be a financial burden? How many have chemicals injected into their hearts to kill them because they were “unplanned”?

What will it take to stop the bloodshed in our country? When will we all WAKE UP to what is really happening right in front of us? When will enough be enough?

If you are fed up and want to do something, here are some resources and organizations that can use your help:


4 Common Pro-Choice Arguments That Defy Logic

In America, we have aborted over 60 Million children since 1973 when Roe V. Wade became the law of the land. Proponents of abortion on-demand use four common arguments when faced with this tragic reality. In this article I want to discuss these four talking points and address each one individually.

#1 The viability of the Fetus

In this very common talking point, the pro-choice advocates point out that a fetus that is not “viable” has no inherent value or right to life. What exactly do they mean by viability? They mean that without the mother or “host” body, they would be unable to survive on their own. The obvious flaw in this argument is quite apparent when you apply this same principle to a human who is on life support at any stage of life. Does a person on life support suddenly become less human? Do they suddenly forfeit their right to exist? Do we suddenly gain the power to determine if they live or die? Of course not, this argument becomes quite absurd when viewed from this perspective.

#2 A woman can do what she wants with her body

This might be convincing if this were actually true in every other area of life… but again a double-standard exists for the unborn. If a woman walks out in public and threatens to commit suicide, do we all just shrug and say “she has a right to kill herself”? What if law enforcement is nearby? Will they just move along and let her kill herself? No. She will be taken into custody for psychiatric evaluation. Against her will.

Another clear example, we do not allow women to drink and drive. Why not? It’s her body! Yes, but she could hurt or kill another human, so this act is illegal, as it should be. When dealing with abortion, a woman’s right to choose should end when any other life is threatened with harm or death. Especially the voiceless child in her womb.

#4 We have enough unwanted babies in the world

As with the first two arguments, again we find this ridiculous idea that could NEVER be applied to any other situation. Should we gather up all the children of the world who lack loving parents, who live in poverty, who don’t have shoes or regular meals and kill them all? Do these precious angels lose ALL human value because they are unwanted? What about elderly people who are left in the care of state run facilities at the end of life, abandoned by their loved ones… do they also deserve death? When I consider the millions and millions of aborted babies, especially those that were simply “unwanted” I often contemplate which of them may have cured cancer, or become President. Sadly we will never know.

#4 Women who receive abortions are less likely to suffer mental health problems than women denied abortions.

This could be the most troubling argument I have ever heard. A peer-reviewed study comparing the mental health of women who received abortions to women denied abortions found that women who were denied abortions “felt more regret and anger” and “less relief and happiness” than women who had abortions. The same study also found that 95% of women who received abortions “felt it was the right decision” a week after the procedure (Abortion

Many years ago I abandoned two cats on a neighborhood doorstep, because I was moving into a new apartment that didn’t accept pets. That decision has haunted me for nearly a decade, my wife saw how emotional I had become after the fact and returned to the home to try to find them. We never saw those cats (Pip and Scoot) ever again, and just typing about it now, makes me weep. The grief over that momentary lack in judgement, over that decision I made due to the pressures of life will follow me to my grave.

How much more would the decision to kill a child haunt a mother? The idea that a woman felt it was the right decision a week after an abortion… is rather irrelevant.  As a man, if I AGREED that my wife should abort a child it would haunt me forever… and I am not the one having the procedure. Every time I looked into the eyes of a child I would see my murdered son or daughter and feel the blood on my hands. It would be haunting.

So how have we become so desensitized in America?

This question at one time puzzled me, but now I am desperate to know the answer. My guess is that this is multi-layered but it begins with the perception that a Human Fetus is not really a Human at all. The pro-choice advocates prefer terms like “lump of tissue” or “clump of cells” and nearly always refer to the unborn child as an “it”. Imagine if you approached a woman who was planning to give birth and referred to her child as an “it”… socially unacceptable right? Yet this is how another fetus in the same stage of development is referred if he or she is about to be aborted.

If you are reading this article right now, and you are hurting, in a dark place, feel pressured or are contemplating having an abortion… would you pause for a moment. Would you consider that in just a few short months a baby boy or girl will be brought into the world filled with life and love. It may seem impossible to you, maybe you can’t figure out how you will afford it, or continue going to school, or pursue your career or tell your parents. The reasons you may be using to justify this decision could be many but I would encourage you to consider all the ways a child would be a blessing in your life.

Imagine your son or daughter growing up, going to school, graduating and going to college, getting married and having kids of their own. One day you are surrounded by grandkids and even great-grandkids. You will probably look deep into your child’s eyes often and thank God you didn’t make that decision to abort so long ago. You will rock them to sleep in your arms and feel a love you could never have imagined.

If you need help right now, you can reach out to my friends at the Human Coalition by clicking on the image below or you can email me directly:
Most of all I want you to know that you are not ALONE. Even if everyone in your life is pressuring you to abort your child, you are not alone. You are loved and there are many people you have not met, that desperately want to help you through this difficult time. Reach out before it’s too late.


Watch this Movie Before it is Banned!

Today I was at work, and while on a break, was watching YouTube videos on my phone. The channel was Apologia Studios and the video was of Pastor Jeff Durbin ministering outside an abortion clinic. My wife called me and stated there was a movie we had to watch TONIGHT. She continued and stated that she was watching one of her YouTube channels, and they talked about a movie called Gosnell that was being banned around the country.

She asked if I had heard of a guy named Gosnell, and I remembered the story from years ago about an abortion doctor who went to prison for murder. She then revealed she was also watching Apologia Studios and felt that we really needed to see this movie (more on that later).

So at 8PM we went to see Gosnell. Now I have followed the pro-life, pro-choice debate for years and have written about it here before, but nothing really prepares you for the reality we live in… that is on full display with this film. The leftist media is painting this movie as a “right-wing” propaganda piece… and trying to convince everyone that Gosnell was an isolated case or WORSE; that if abortion is restricted or made illegal, then MORE Gosnell clinics will be forced to open their doors.

Let me restate my title for this article: Watch this Movie Before it is Banned!

Even though audiences have been shown to rate this movie highly (98% Audience score on Rotten Tomatoes) many smaller theaters are dropping it. In our neck of the woods it was playing at several theaters just a few days ago, and now it’s down to just two.

There is massive, powerful, political machine at work in this country fighting to keep abortion-on-demand available to anyone who wants one and the body count left in the wake of this machine is staggering.

Since Roe Vs. Wade in 1973 we have aborted over 60 MILLION BABIES in America. Just to put that in perspective we currently have 325 Million people living in America, meaning we have killed over 18% of that number in the womb.

Let that information soak in for a minute. Now realize that we have a society, the most advanced in the world, that grinds along feigning moral outrage over ridiculous ideas like “gender fluidity” while baby killing factories are hard at work, right out in the open. What I find most ironic is that the “left” consistently paints the “right” as Nazis… while their platform and agenda is worse than every Nazi concentration camp combined… and not just a little worse… VASTLY worse.

It is estimated that Nazis murdered 6 Million Jews right out in the open, business as usual… for the betterment of a white world. We are worse. Not just in the number of innocent people we have killed, but in the laid back attitude we have taken while it happens, every day, every hour.

God’s Plan and Timing

Early I was sharing about how my wife was watching a video from the same YouTube channel I was watching, at the exact same time. After going to see this movie, I have no doubt that God wanted us in that theater. Now I have to ask myself, for what purpose? It is now after midnight and my eyes are heavy and I just want to keep writing.

God has spoken to me tonight, and I realize I can no longer sit on the sidelines as God’s children are murdered by the millions, I have to fight for what is right. It is my hope and prayer that you will find this movie and watch it! If you are already pro-life, it will make you wonder what you can do right now to fight for the unborn, if you are pro-choice it just might make you rethink your position and value a life over a woman’s right to choose. Either way, I hope you watch it and see for yourself.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall,

Undercover Investigation at Planned Parenthood

Former Abortion Doctor: “I murdered more people than Ted Bundy”

‘Flush It’: New Undercover Video Exposes Brutal Reality of Late-Term Abortion

In a newly released undercover video by pro-life organization, Live Action, an abortion worker describes the process of terminating an unborn child six months in the womb.

Source: ‘Flush It’: New Undercover Video Exposes Brutal Reality of Late-Term Abortion – Faithwire

As the abortion debate rages on in America the progressive left has continued its assault on the unborn… and its unwavering support of Planned Parenthood that receives over 300 Million taxpayer dollars each year.

Live Action is a non profit organization that performs undercover video investigations of the abortion and sex trafficking industries. It was founded my Lila Rose when she was 15 years old and now has over 2 Million followers on social networks and is one of the largest and most engaged online pro-life movements.

Christians should stand united, shoulder to shoulder in opposition to the abortion-on-demand industry in our Country. However, there are many Christians and progressive churches that stand on the side of Planned Parenthood and use a “woman’s right to choose” as a banner to defend.

As Christians we should all be able to agree that the Word of God is the standard by which we should measure all truth claims. If you are pro-choice and call yourself a follower of Jesus can you give me ONE scripture that would support your position? Just one? Go ahead and Google it, I’ll wait…

P.S. If you cannot find just ONE scripture that supports your position on abortion, why do you hold that position as a Christian? Are you a follower of Jesus or a follower of a fallen secular world? Which master do you serve?

Food for thought.

Stay Strong & Stand Tall